Lola Diaz is the mother of Aleida Diaz and grandmother of Dayanara Diaz and her siblings. She is portrayed by Nancy Ticotin.

Personality Edit

Lola is shown to be distrusting of upstate programs that offer opportunities to poorer city children. She is very protective of her children and is independent.

Physical Appearance Edit

Lola has short black hair, however this may not be natural. She wore hooped earrings.

Biography Edit

Before Aleida and Daya's incarceration Edit


A younger Lola advises Aleida on Summer camps.

Aleida and Lola sit in the back garden of their house while Aleida is smoking, discussing camps. Aleida mentions she wants to send Daya to one, but Lola points out how programs like this think they can raise the city's children better than the parents. Lola suggests Aleida should stay in her daughter's life.

Aleida ignores this advice and sends Daya to camp ("Don't Make Me Come Back There").

Season One Edit

Lola appears watching over Cesar and Aleida at visitation. When Aleida says that Daya is "fine", Lola asks why she isn't arround to say hello to her family. Lola tells Aleida that she had better not be fighting with Daya ("WAC Pack").

Memorable Quotes Edit

"They think they can raise our kids better than us."
— Lola to Aleida Diaz
""City kids"? Meaning "poor brown kids"?"
— Lola Diaz to Aleida Diaz

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