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Litchfield Inmates are inmates that currently reside at Litchfield Penitentiary.

Inmates Listed By Offence[]

Name Portrayed By Sentenced to Prison for Prison Status
Chapman, Piper Taylor Schilling Drug trafficking, conspiracy Released
Vause, Alex Laura Prepon Drug trafficking (released); probation violation Incarcerated
Morello, Lorna Yael Stone Harassment, violation of restraining order, attempted murder. Also commited mail order fraud - unknown if convicted Incarcerated
Nichols, Nicky Natasha Lyonne Breaking and entering, DUI, drug possession (heroin) Incarcerated
Reznikov, Galina "Red" Kate Mulgrew Organized crime, conspiracy with the Russian mafia, (took the fall for Russian Mafia, several bodies found in her freezer) Incarcerated
Jefferson, Tasha "Taystee" Danielle Brooks Drug trafficking (released); probation violation Incarcerated
Warren, Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Uzo Aduba Kidnapping, involuntary manslaughter of a minor Incarcerated
Diaz, Dayanara Dascha Polanco Presumably drug-related charges Incarcerated
Washington, Poussey Samira Wiley Drug possession with intent to sell, trespassing, minor repeated issues Deceased (died in prison)
Mendoza, Gloria Selenis Leyva SNAP fraud Released
Black, Carrie "Big Boo" Lea DeLaria Unknown; implied extortion Incarcerated
Doggett, Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Taryn Manning Assault with a deadly weapon (shot nurse at women's clinic) Deceased (died in prison)
Watson, Janae Vicky Jeudy Armed robbery Incarcerated
Taylor, Leanne Emma Myles Unknown; likely drug related Incarcerated
Romano, Norma Annie Golden Second Degree Murder (pushed cult leader off a cliff) Incarcerated
DeMarco, Anita Lin Tucci Unknown Incarcerated
Gonzales, Marisol "Flaca" Jackie Cruz Fraud, endangerment Incarcerated
Hayes, Cindy "Black Cindy" Adrienne C. Moore Felony theft (stole using position within TSA as a cover) Released
Ramos, Maritza Diane Guerrero Grand Theft Auto, fraud Released (deported after release)
Ruiz, Maria Jessica Pimentel Trafficking of Counterfeit Goods (initial) Incarcerated
Murphy, Gina Abigail Savage Embezzlement Incarcerated
Burset, Sophia Laverne Cox Credit card fraud Released
Diaz, Aleida Elizabeth Rodriguez Drug-related charges, drug manufacturing Incarcerated
Jones, Erica "Yoga Jones" Constance Shulman Manslaughter of a minor Incarcerated
Ingalls, "Sister" Jane Beth Fowler Trespassing (protesting at a nuclear testing facility) Unknown
Soso, Brook Kimiko Glenn Political protest Incarcerated
Rice, Angie Julie Lake Presumably drug possession Incarcerated
Chang, Mei Lori Tan Chinn Presumably organized crime Incarcerated (also deported)
Cisneros, Rosa "Miss Rosa" Barbara Rosenblat Bank robbery Deceased (died in prison)
Pelage, Claudette "Miss Claudette" Michelle Hurst Human trafficking. Also committed murder (stabbed customer due to him assaulting her employee) - unknown if convicted Unknown
Parker, Yvonne "Vee" Lorraine Toussaint Drug dealing/Heroin trafficking Deceased (while escaping)
Miller, Tricia Madeline Brewer Theft, drug possession Deceased (died in prison)
Flores, Blanca Laura Gomez Accessory to manslaughter Released
Whitehill, Lolly Lori Petty Aggravated assault on a police officer, solicitation, nudity, public vagrancy, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace Incarcerated
King, Judy Blair Brown Tax evasion Released
Carlin, Stella Ruby Rose Unknown Unknown
Kukudio, Maureen Emily Althaus Unknown Deceased (died in prison)
Fisher, Loretta Cristina J. Huie Unknown Unknown
Ginsberg, Shelly Jamie Denbo Money laundering Unknown
Berlin, Frieda Dale Soules Multiple murders Incarcerated
Gerrman Tamara Torres Unknown Unknown
Valduto, Mercy Katie Iacona Unknown Released
Taslitz Judith Roberts Murder Incarcerated
Lerman, Irma Yvette Freeman Unknown Unknown
Cavanaugh, Jimmy Patricia Squire Unknown Released
Boyle, Rhea Yelena Shmulenson Unknown Unknown
Valdez, Annie Tanairi Vazquez Unknown Unknown
Babson, Jeanie "Babs" Danielle Herbert Unknown Unknown
Aziza, Ouija Rosal Colón WIC fraud Unknown
Abdullah, Alison Amanda Stephen Unknown Incarcerated
Pell, Reema Mugga Unknown Incarcerated
[[Helen Van Maele|Van Maele, Helen "Skinhead Helen" Francesca Curran Presumably vandalism Unknown
Sankey, Kasey Kelly Karbacz Unknown Incarcerated
Hapakuka, Stephanie Jolene Purdy Unknown Unknown
Dwight, Alana Shannon Esper Unknown Incarcerated
Cabrera, Irene "Zirconia" Daniella De Jesús Unknown Incarcerated
Contrares, Ramona Miriam Morales Unknown Unknown
Epps, Brandy Asia Kate Dillon Presumably murder Unknown
Digori, Jennifer Olivia Luccardi Unknown Unknown
Carreras, Michelle Arianda Fernandez Unknown Unknown
Danita Mentioned Only Unknown Unknown