Les Nichols is the once-absent father of Nicky Nichols and two other children. He was absent until the sixth season. He was portrayed by Bruce Altman.


Les is shown to be very comical (something he passed down to his daughter). He did also, however, appear to posess very little amount of paternal responsibility toward Nicky, and may be hinted he has little time for his children. He may also be flirty as he allegedly slept with Nicky's French tutor and piano teacher.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Les Nichols wore round black glasses. He was a tall man with grey hair and blue eyes.


Before Nicky's incarcerationEdit

Before Nicky was incarcerated, he was once married to Marka Nichols and had one child together, Nicky. Les is implied to have slept with Nicky's French tutor and her piano teacher while marreid to Marka. At some point in her life, he walked on Nicky, however remained in her life somewhat. 

When Nicky was to recieve her bat mitzvah, Les helped Nicky write a comical speech which had then been edited by Marka without him knowing. Just before Nicky began her speech, Les edited it once again, making it illegible. Les then sits in the audience with a young woman with him. He watches as Nicky begins to go off script and detail very personal issues in her family life, humiliating Les and Marka.

After this, Les and Marka rebuke Nicky. Marka tells Nicky she is grounded and will have to stay with Les for some time. An angry Les tells Marka he does not want her with him, and walks out. ("I'm the Talking Ass")

Season SixEdit

Les arrives at MAX after Nicky tells Les the trouble she is in, and arrives with a lawyer, Michelle Goldstein. Nicky then swiftly deduces that Michelle and Les are sleeping together. Nicky pokes fun at this until Michelle reveals the two are to be married and have two children together. Upset, Nicky leaves.

When Nicky discovers Piscatella is dead, she asks Tamika Ward to speak to her father and lawyer immediately, and is taken in for interrogation. Les witnesses his daughter understand she may recieve 70 extra years for distributing drugs from the pharmacy unless she gives up a name. ("Look Out for Number One")

After this, Les and Michelle request Nicky sign a statement. Nicky refuses, causing Les to become angry, and tell her she has until 5pm to reach a decision or he cannot help her. ("I'm the Talking Ass")

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