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Leon McDonald is the foreman of the construction site at Litchfield Penitentiary in Season Four. He is portrayed by Quincy Chad.


Leon is straightforward and dedicated to getting the job done.

Physical Appearance[]

Leon is physically fit and considered by the inmates to be very attractive.


Season Four[]

In "Friends in Low Places", Leon is introduced to the inmates as the construction foreman instructor. Despite being catcalled by the inmates, Leon continues introducing them to the hard labor they'll be doing. He informs them they will be building what amounts to "a cube with a roof" but does not know what it will be used for. He's disappointed to learn none of the inmates have carpentry or construction experience. Still, he is later seen encouraging the inmates and telling them they're doing a great job.

In "Bunny, Skull, Bunny, Skull", Leon informs Piscatella that they will need to bulldoze the flower bed if they are to continuing constructing the building. Upon digging up the flower bed, Leon notices parts of Aydin Bayat's buried body and vomits upon inspection.