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Lee Burley is the drummer of the rock band Death Maiden and is the biological father of Alex Vause. He is portrayed by Lawton Paseka.  


Not much is known about him, but he seems to be stuck in the past, wishing he and the band were popular again. He seems genuinely thrilled by Alex's existence but completely unable to handle it appropriately.

Physical Appearance[]

He has bulging eyes and a moustache, and he wears a bandana on his head, ostensibly to hide his ageing. He still dresses like a younger rockstar.


Before Alex's incarceration[]

At some point, Lee met Diane Vause and had sex with her. Diane found out she was pregnant, and was forced to raise Alex on her own as Lee did not show any interest in Diane again.

A flashback reveals that the first time Alex and Burley meet is in a room backstage. Burley is amazed to find out he has a daughter. When he asks how she found him, Alex said that she saw the show and the manager sent her back where the band was. Burley then talks about how embarrassing the show was and how they can't even fill a basement anymore. Burley then returns to being amazed that Alex is his kid, and says that he's so happy to see her. He then goes on to make unintentional but inappropriate comments that she has a "serious rack", and that he could have "accidentally fucked her. But, that would have been bad. No. Seriously, that's twisted. I didn't say that", to the embarrassment of both Alex and Fahri. ("Fucksgiving")

It is not known whether Alex saw him again after this first meeting.



  • Diane Vause (mother of child) - Diane seems to be proud of the fact that she slept with Lee Burley and bore his child. She was probably also hurt that he up and left her like that, but didn't want to speak ill of her daughter's biological father, as good parents do.



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