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Larry Smith is the husband of Piper Kerman. He is the inspiration of Larry Bloom from the series adaption of his wife's book, Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison. He and Piper are married in real life.

Personality Edit

Larry was described as "up for anything" by Kerman. He is Jewish, and will only hum hymns in church. He is hard to please.

Physical Appearance Edit

Larry is short, scrappy, has a big grin and big hair. He has blue eyes.

Biography Edit

Larry is said to be Piper's only straight male friend. She would take him to church and they would mouth the hymns. Larry kisses Piper in a bar, and the two start a relationship. When Piper is notified that she has been arrested, she makes her way to Larry's office where she tells him what has happened. Larry is shocked but supportive to Piper.