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Kubra Balik is a drug kingpin who smuggles and sells heroin across countries. He is the former boss of Alex Vause. He is portrayed by Eyas Younis.


Before Alex and Piper's incarceration[]

Kubra was the head of an international drug cartel. He was the employer of Fahri, who was another drug smuggler who introduced Alex to the cartel.

In a flashback, Kubra is seen sitting by a pool with Alex Vause and Piper Chapman before he had to take a work call ("Thirsty Bird").

Kubra is a very serious and violent employer. At one point, Fahri and Alex Vause failed to pick up another drug smuggler from a Paris airport, which resulted in the girl getting arrested. Kubra ordered the death of Fahri, who was shot in his hotel room by Aydin Bayat. He showed grace to Alex, however, and offered to find her a drug rehabilitation center because she was "not taking care of herself" ("Fear, and Other Smells").

Season Two[]

Kubra was eventually picked up on charges of leading an international drug cartel. At his trial, both Piper Chapman and Alex Vause were both flown from Litchfield Penitentiary to Chicago in order to testify. Piper committed perjury and stated that she "[did] not recall" ever meeting Kubra Balik. Alex, however, told the truth about working for Kubra. This set her free from her charges and allowed her to begin probation back in New York City. Piper was forced to carry out the remainder of her sentence at Litchfield ("Thirsty Bird").

Unfortunately, Kubra was released on a technicality due to mishandling of evidence, terrifying Alex because she knew Kubra would have her killed. She holed up in apartment in Queens, New York, where she was watched around the clock by Kubra's men. Piper, fearing for Alex's safety (and wanting her back in prison for selfish reasons), orchestrated her re-incarceration for violating her parole by having a gun.

Season Three[]

Alex was paranoid for the entirety of Season Three, knowing she still was not safe from Kubra. She initially suspected Lolly Whitehill of being Kubra's associate, but this was revealed to be untrue. However, Kubra later sent Aydin to Litchfield Penitentiary to kill Alex ("Trust No Bitch").

Season Four[]

Alex was saved from Aydin by Lolly, who paralyzed Aydin by beating him viciously. Aydin's phone sounded with a text from Kubra asking whether the job had been done. Alex replied in the affirmative, and Kubra asked for a photo. Alex posed as "dead", and Lolly took the photo. Kubra texted back asking for one of Alex's tits, which a disgusted Alex was forced once more to pose for.

Alex later returned to the greenhouse and suffocated Aydin. The body was buried (and later discovered) in the garden. Kubra was not heard from again for the rest of Season Four.


Season 2[]

"Thirsty Bird"



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