Karen Bayley is the mother of Baxter Bayley and the wife of Bill Bayley. She appears only once in Season Five and is portrayed by Betsy Aidem.

Personality Edit

Karen, like her husband, does not fully understand her son's depression and patronises him slightly. Karen instinctively wants what is best for her son by telling him (albeit late) that he needs serious help.

Physical Appearance Edit

Karen Bayley has brown curly hair which is cow-licked to the left. She is quite small. She wears fairly loose, casual clothing.

Biography Edit

Season Five Edit

After Bayley drinks eight bottles of dog hair dye in a suicide attempt, Karen and her husband reveal it is non-toxic. Karen says that Bayley should see someone professional to which Bayley sarcastically responds "you think so?", as it's been glaringly obvious that he needs help since Poussey's death ("Flaming Hot Cheetos, Literally").

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

  • Baxter Bayley (son) - Karen cares for her son but also seems to gloss over most of the things he says concerning his depression.

Romantic Edit

  • Bill Bayley (husband) - Karen and Bill married and had a child, Baxter.

Appearances Edit

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