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Julio Mendoza is the son of Gloria Mendoza and younger brother of Benjamin Mendoza.

Biography Edit

Before Gloria's incarcerationEdit

As one Gloria's youngest son, Julio is depicted at first to be a young child. Julio is first seen in the playground while Mendoza looks on, minding them. After Benito hugs ArturoLourdes beckons for him and his brother to come to her as she does not trust Arturo. While Lourdes' back is turned tending to the children, she can only watch as Gloria talks to her abuser with Julio and Benito by Lourdes' side. After this, Arturo ends up hitting Benito. Gloria flees to her shop with both her sons. After the police are called, Gloria is arrested, and asks her aunt to care for both Julio and Benito. ("Low Self Esteem City")

Season ThreeEdit

On Mother's Day, Julio visits Gloria in prison and walks the grounds with her. Gloria is upset that Benito did not show, and asks where he is, Julio claims that Benito finds Mother's Day childish. Gloria shows her frustration to this but forgets it. She then turns her attention to how Julio is growing up quickly, and picks up on his facial hair, she makes a comment about bodily hair which makes Julio uncomfortable, Gloria apologises. Julio reports that Benito and Lourdes fight frequently. Gloria tells Julio to tell Benito to come see her immediately. Gloria calms down and goes back to talking about Julio. ("Mother's Day")

Season FiveEdit

After Benito is jumped and hospitalised, Julio and Lourdes visit him in anticipation while he is in a coma. While there, Lourdes checks up on Julio, who reveals he has not slept. As Lourdes is leaving to get coffee, Julio reveals he broke a vase at home and made Benito say it was his fault. Lourdes recalls a story of a visit at a pool aged 9-10 where Julio helped his brother find his confidence when diving off a board. Julio questions what may happen if Benito dies, but Lourdes interrupts, assuring him he won't. Julio says he wishes Gloria was with them. ("Breaking the Fiberboard Ceiling")

Appearances Edit