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Josh is MCC's public relations representative introduced in Season Four. He is portrayed by John Palladino.


Josh is manipulative, persuasive and cocky. He is willing to ruin someone's life in order to do his job, and rarely has empathy and thinks of anyone else.

Physical Description[]

Josh is a medium height man that wears suits and has his hair done. During the riot, he is prone to sexual harassment from inmates as they describe him as a "pretty boy".


He has learned Italian in his past ("Litchfield's Got Talent")

Season Four[]

After Poussey's death, Josh is seen to try and figure out a way to not get the MCC in trouble. He cannot find a way to incriminate Poussey, so instead focuses on Bayley. This is seen to annoy Caputo. After Caputo doesn't go by Josh's script, Josh tells him repeatedly that he is fired.

Season Five[]

After capturing all the guards, Josh is mixed with Caputo and are held captive by the Black Girls as they try to record and publish a video. Eventually, he is turned over to Spanish Harlem with the rest of the hostages. He is then used by the Black Girls as a writer for their speech for when they confronted the press. He wins Litchfield Idol due to his looks, which Angie likes.

Season Six[]

He is mentioned to have testified that Taystee and the Black Girls held him and Caputo hostage and even that Taystee punched Caputo. ("Break the String")