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Jean Baptiste is a friend of Miss Claudette, who appears in Season One of Orange Is the New Black.


Baptiste is a kind man, yet he delivers children to work. Jean shows kindness to the children he escorts. He later disappears from his escorting job for unknown reasons. Baptiste shows up many years later again at the business - which Miss Claudette now runs - this time with his new wife, Josephine. He is very fond of her, and cares for her well. He brings Claudette a present, to which she accepts. Jean Baptiste then leaves to get settled down with Josephine.


Before Miss Claudette's incarceration[]

He is first shown when he brought a young Claudette Pelage to the child labor trade and not seen again until decades later when he brings his wife Josephine to meet Miss Claudette. ("Imaginary Enemies")

Season One[]

Baptiste is then unheard of until Miss Claudette has been imprisoned for a long time, when he writes to her, stating that Josephine had died. Baptiste was Claudette's first visitor in prison and it is implied that he is a love interest of hers. ("Imaginary Enemies")

After years of no contact, Jean finally visits Claudette, and the two embrace. ("Bora Bora Bora")

Once again, Claudette gleefully sees Baptiste. Baptiste compliments her and the two sit. Claudette tells Jean of her excitement over her appeal, an equally eager Jean asks where he should take Claudette on their first night out. Claudette discusses a small Italian restaurant, and anywhere else so long as it is with Baptiste. ("Tall Men with Feelings")



  • Josephine (wife; deceased) - Josephine marries Baptiste and lives happily with him until she dies.


  • Claudette Pelage (best friend) - Jean delivered Claudette to CleanMakers as a child, he always showed an interest in her, and visits her when she is old and runs CleanMakers. It is hinted Claudette always had feelings for Jean.

Memorable Quotes[]

"Am I allowed to touch you?"
— Jean Baptiste to Claudette Pelage ("Bora Bora Bora")
"Believe and it will happen."
— Jean Baptiste to Claudette concerning her appeal ("Tall Men with Feelings")