Jazmina is Aleida Diaz' cousin and friend. She first appeared in "Bunny, Skull, Bunny, Skull", the tenth episode of Season Four. She is portrayed by Julee Cerda.

Personality Edit

Jazmina is portrayed as selfish, as she has sold all of Aleida's clothes and spent all of her money without considering Aleida might get released soon. However, she did lend Aleida her car in the past and offers her a place to stay, and says that she was intending to raise the money back by the time Aleida was released.

Physical Appearance Edit

Jazmina has short black hair and wears big gold hoop earrings.

Biography Edit

Season Four Edit

Jazmina is first seen in her apartment when Aleida is let out of Litchfield. Aleida calls Jazmina as she has forgotten about her. When Aleida gets inside the apartment, she reveals to Aleida she has spent all Aleida's money on bailing out her boyfriend and has sold her clothes; outraged, Aleida leaves. ("Bunny, Skull, Bunny, Skull")

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