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Jarod Young is a Corrections Officer at Litchfield Maximum Security Penitentiary. He is portrayed by Branden Wellington.


Young is one of the nicer guards. He is moral and does not participate in Fantasy inmate, calling it a "slave auction" He gets mad at Luschek for trying to justify it. He is very professional at his job, following all protocols and not letting inmates get to him.

He is professional, always following procedure and standing up for inmates when COs are treating them as variables in Fantasy Inmate, making Copeland put Carol in AdSeg.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Young is a man of African-American heritage, with a trimmed beard and a tall height of 6'2". 


Season SixEdit

He is seen cleaning up after being promoted above Head of Recreation. He criticises Luschek for participating in Fantasy inmate. ("State of the Uterus")

Later, he is seen taking D-Block into laundry.

He searches Piper's bunk with Blake ("Gordons")

He later is on duty when Copeland finds a note that there is going to be a hit on Carol. She wants to see how it plays out but he states they need to do protocol. He sends Carol to AdSeg. ("Well This Took a Dark Turn") Much to his dismay, he is selected by Linda to be the guard featured in MCC's rebranding video. After Maria attempts to leave, he stops her saying that if he has to go through this, so does he. ("Double Trouble")


  • Young is at least one of the guards to be seen running to break up the fight between Aleida and Daya Diaz, but it is never revealed if he stopped it.
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