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Jack Pearson is an employee of Management & Correction Corporation (MCC). His job title is SVP of Strategic Planning. He is the father of Danny Pearson and another MCC employee who is not named. It is said that his wife, Danny's mother, is deceased.

Personality Edit

Jack is repeatedly shown to be charming, manipulative, and, like most of the MCC employees, primarily concerned with MCC's bottom line, instead of the well-being of the prisoners. He shows sexist tendencies.

Biography Edit

Season Three Edit

Jack is first seen on a tour of Litchfield Penitentiary by MCC to determine whether taking it over would be cost-productive.

He ordered Sophia Burset to the SHU after she threatened to sue MCC for their role in her attack, under the guise of it being for her own protection.

Season Four Edit

Jack refused to release Sophia from the SHU until Crystal obtained photographic evidence of Sophia in the SHU, with the help of Joe Caputo (Jack presumably does not know of Caputo's role). He later refused to allow Caputo to contact the police and coroner to remove Poussey's remains from the Litchfield cafeteria until MCC's PR Department found a suitable version of the incident to spin to the media (which Caputo would later flout on camera).

Season Five Edit


Memorable Quotes Edit

"And can you fix that all by yourself, sweetheart?"
— Jack to Piper

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