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J. Alvarez is a CO in Litchfield Maximum Security Pentitentiary. He is portrayed by Nicholas Webber.


Alvarez is one of the more friendly COs. He is willing to help inmates, demonstrated by his will to let Gloria and Blanca leave for an unoffical religious holiday and also when he got Flaca water. However, he is weak as an individual and is easily swayed and put down due to his lack of confidence. He is shown to be especially friendly around the inmates when overseeing the farm program, or when he listens to Zirconia's advice about a power pose. Unlike his other COs, he is not abusive or sexist (he is shown to be rather progressive when he discusses non gender conforming pronouns with Hellman) , but is not necessarily fit for his job seeing as he often forgets his duties and is generally powerless in a violent situation, such as when inmates are fighting. 

Despite his kind-hearted nature, Alvarez is still somewhat apathethic to inmates when it comes to Fantasy Inmate. He does not appear to be shocked when Copeland and him come across the dead bodies of Carol and Barb Denning. Either he doesn't understand the gravity of betting on imates to act out and potentially harm themselves/others, or he just doesn't care. 

Physical Appearance[]

Alvarez is half Puerto Rican. He is a very pale man with ginger hair. His hairline is receding and he has side burns. He wears thin glasses.

Season Six[]

He first appears in "Who Knows Better Than I " when he assists Ginger in watching the new Adseg arrivals. He is the commissioner of Fantasy Inmate at this point and states that they should gather intel on the newbies. He and Ginger play Rock-paper-scissors which he loses, causing him to have to convince Ginger to share the intel instead of keep it.

He later is seen being talked to by Gloria when she makes up a fake religious holiday in order to meet with Blanca. He is convinced by a random woman, Adeola who also states she celebrates that. He complies and watches them while Gloria 'prays' in Spanish.

He later helps strap Frieda to a chair with Ginger after an attempted suicide, the protocol.

He and others arrive at Luschek's for a new season of Fantasy Inmate. He is quickly angered as he is kicked out of position of commissioner, replaced by Luschek. He created all the rules for it, but still didn't get credit. Later, he is in the yard when Ginger thinks Piper is up to something (a ruse to get points). He helps take her back to the block after her fake fight with Maria. After, he takes inmates back to the bunks after Cathy pretends to die. ("Mischief Mischief")

Alvarez and Copeland witness Badison's group defecate over D-Block's uniform. Alvarez feels guilty and says to Copeland to stop them as he may lose players for fantasy inmate. However, Copeland tells Alvarez that a retalliation may result in many more points being generated. ("State of the Uterus")

He is in the staff room, telling Ginger the harms of not eating and also makes a toast as it's his 10th year working at MAX he states they were the best years of his life but is upset when Hopper states they aren't friends outside of work. He is still happy as little-to-no crime and violence has happened in the prison since Swope's stabbing, and his Fantasy Inmate characters do other point scoring opportunities, his lead annoys Luschek and Stefanovic. ("Chocolate Chip Nookie")

He arrives in AdSeg to find Ginger infront of a cell with her two F.I. inmates in a cell together, Carol and Barb, enemies. He states this is tampering and says that if she doesnt remove them he will remove her from the game. She complies. Later, he helps Flaca and Gloria set up the radio when they need to take it out to commentate for kickball. He is asked to get them water and does. When he comes back, Gloria has blocked the door and he realises she has discovered Fantasy Inmate, and so takes her to the SHU to prevent the spread of information. ("Double Trouble")

He is among Ginger when he sees Carol and Barb dyng. Ginger cheers when he informs her she has just gained (30x2+25x2) 110 points in Fantasy Inmate, putting her way ahead right before the season ended. ("Be Free")



  • Ginger (best friend) - Ginger is the only one who genuinely cares about Alvarez and enjoys his personality. The two are often seen sticking by each other joking around or conversing. 
  • Gloria Mendoza (formerly)


  • Hopper - Despite Alvarez vying for his attention and respect, Hopper does not consider Alvarez as friend and thinks very lowly of him. He doesn't invite Alvarez for Happy Hour most of the time and generally ignores Alvarez's attempts at establishing a bond. 
  • Luschek - stole his position as commissioner
  • Gloria Mendoza - sent her to SHU