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Igme Dimaguiba is a nurse at Litchfield Penitentiary. He is portrayed by Kaipo Schwab.


Not much is known about him, but he appears to not care or take much responsibility for the inmates' health needs. He may be simply unable to help them because of the prison rules and regulations.

Physical Description[]

He is Filipino and has a close cropped haircut in Season One. Each season, it gets a bit longer.


Season One[]

His first appearance is in "I Wasn't Ready" when he is examining Piper. He compliments her veins and is relieved to see she has no track marks. Igme asks if she has any tattoos, and she shows him the fish tattoo on the back of her neck. Although he thinks its a pretty fish, he says he doesn't like fish and that he prefers chicken and pork. In "Tit Punch", he talks to the new inmates during their orientation about suicidal thoughts. In "Lesbian Request Denied", he is seen giving inmates their medication. He dispenses Sophia an inadequate amount of her hormone pills and thinks it's not his problem that her prescription has been altered by the doctor. He also doesn't care when Big Boo mentions that the yellow pills he gives her causes a rash. He is again seen giving everyone medicine in "Moscow Mule" because most of the inmates are sick. When a pregnant Maria Ruiz comes up, he offers her some cough drops, but she doesn't have a cold. Igme asks if her back is hurting again, and she tells him shes in labor. He is obviously distressed by the news. He tells her she can't go to the hospital until her contractions are extremely close in time. In "Fucksgiving", he gives Sophia the correct dosage, saying that there was a new doctor that said her charts were wrong.

Season Two[]

The only episode he is in is "Take a Break From Your Values", where he is seen pushing Sister Ingalls in a wheelchair to the Medical Ward.

Season Three[]

He appears in "Bed Bugs and Beyond" where he discoveres bite marks on Marisol 'Flaca' Gonzales. He freaks out when he realizes they are made by bed bugs.

Season Four[]

In "Toast Can't Never Be Bread Again", he is called upon to examine Poussey Washington after she is accidentally killed by Baxter 'Gerber' Bayley.


Season 1[]

"I Wasn't Ready"[]