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Howard Bloom is Larry Bloom's father and Piper Chapman's lawyer.  


He is an intelligent man and believes that honesty is the best policy. He does not approve of Larry and Piper's engagement, saying that Piper is "exotic" but not the kind of woman Larry should settle down with.

As a lawyer, Howard represents Piper both when the indictment is first issued to her and at the trial of Kubra Balik, where he advises Piper to tell the truth, and not lie about whether she met Kubra. When Piper ultimately perjures herself, Howard proclaims that he is done being her lawyer.

Physical Description[]

He is an older, balding man, with gray hair and a clean shaven face. 


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"You want to know if she fingered her? I think that's been established."
— Howard to Larry on whether Alex named Piper on the indictment
"I thought you'd end up with someone more substantial.
- Are you talking about her moral character or the size of her breasts?
- Please, I'm an ass man.
— Howard talking to Larry about Piper.
"Sometimes when they ask if I wanna donate a dollar for heart disease, I'll say I already gave, but mostly, yes, I tell the truth."
— Howard to Piper ("Thirsty Bird")


Season 1[]

"I Wasn't Ready"[]

Season 2[]

"Thirsty Bird"[]