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"How to Do Life" is the fourth episode of the seventh season of Orange Is the New Black. It is the eighty-second episode of the series overall. It premiered on July 26, 2019.


Piper goes to work for her dad. Vinnie visits Lorna with news. A desperate Taystee asks Daya for a favor. Caputo leads a restorative justice class.



Piper wants to visit Alex but her father won't let her leave for the day. She is also upset with her father over some other nitpicky stuff. After everyone else leaves for the day, she takes a bottle of tequila out of her co-worker's desk drawer and drinks it. She also eats a cookie cake that her co-workers bought for someone returning from maternity leave.

Ward has instituted a bunch of new educational programs and she's hoping that Taystee will be interested since that was one of Taystee's demands during the riot. But since she was convicted of Piscatella's murder, Taystee has lost all interest in education.

Taystee goes to Daya and asks her for drugs to "take someone out". Daya thinks Taystee is trying to kill Cindy but Taystee admits that she is actually trying to kill herself. Daya tells her that it will cost $1k, money she knows Taystee doesn't have.

Lorna receives a visit from Vinnie. She is talking happily about Sterling but he interrupts her and tells her that Sterling got pneumonia and didn't survive. Lorna doesn't go to her next kitchen shift because she's in medical. When we next see her, she gets a visit from Nicky. She is showing Nicky a new intragram account she set up for Sterling, who she is stating is alive and well and coming home from the NICU.

As the episode ends, Taystee attempts to hang herself in her cell but instinct kicks in and she survives the attempt.


Gloria Mendoza[]

A young Gloria is preparing to leave Puerto Rico. She has two small daughters, never seen or mentioned before. She is leaving the daughters behind and will send for them when she has built a secure enough life for them in New York.

Gloria has a surprise for her aunt Lourdes - she is buying the convenience store that she works in. Lourdes expresses a serious reservation, however. The money that Gloria was saving was supposed to go toward getting an apartment to bring her daughters to NYC. Gloria tells Lourdes that she still wants to do that obviously but this will be more of an investment to give them a better future when they do come (they can live in a nicer area, etc). Lourdes says that children don't care about that, they just want to be with their mother.

Gloria is shown pregnant and with another small son. She calls her daughters, ready to bring them to NYC. But her daughter says that they do not want to come because now she has been gone so long that they consider Puerto Rico their home, not anywhere with her.

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Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]

Special Guest Stars[]


  • Rosie Berrido as Milagros
  • Pat Bowie as Ethel Heyward
  • Amanda Bruton as Isabel
  • Mike Cabellon as Elmer Fantauzzo
  • Agatha Christine Celleri as 8 Yr Old Cecilia Mendoza
  • Danielle Ferland as Sharon
  • Carmen Ruby Floyd as Beverly
  • Barbara Jimenez as Maria Ramos
  • Mahira Kakkar as Chaarumathi
  • Sue Kurowski as Joanne
  • Jo Lampert as Marie Brock
  • Ismenia Mendes as Tali Grapes
  • Claudia Morcate-Martin as 6 Yr Old Elena Mendoza
  • Marie-Lou Nahhas as Shani Abboud
  • Zaida Rio as 14 Yr Old Cecilia Mendoza
  • Frank Rodriguez as Vincente
  • Besanya Santiago as Raquel Munoz
  • Phumzile Sitole as Antoinetta Kerson




- Last appearance of [[Marie Brock]]


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