"Honey Jar" was a parody of Pinot Noir by Titus Burgess in a different Netflix Original Series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It was performed by the likes of Cindy Hayes, Lorna Morello Muccio, Dayanara Diaz, Tasha Jefferson, Poussey Washington, Alex Vause and Galina Reznikov.

The video was released on YouTube on March 24, 2016 on Netflix's YouTube account.[1]

Lyrics Edit

Poussey: Honey jar!

Alex: Steal a car, forge credit cards.

Gloria: Prison bars.

Alex: You know that you went too far.

Crazy Eyes: Find out who your bunkmates are.

Taystee: Honey jar!

Red: There's a chicken in the yard. (Red plays a recording of her saying "All I wanted was to eat the chicken and absorb it's power)

Gloria: Honey jar.

Lorna: Seduce a guard.

Daya: That guy, Bennett's muscular.

Taystee: Honey jar. Honey jar.

Taystee and Lorna: Honey jar. Honey jar.

Alex: Honey jar.

Tasha: Keep kosher.

Black Cindy: Check your Jewish calendar.

Poussey and Black Cindy: Honey jar!

Flaca: Honey jar. Behind bars.

Black Cindy: Find the hidden celular.

Flaca: Panty sales take you far!

Sophia: Honey jar!

Pennsatucky: Feeling sharp.

Black Cindy: Laundry cart.

Daya: Broken heart.

Taystee: Everybody plays they part!

Pennsatucky: Better bust out those street smarts!

Lorna: Honey jar. Stalk Christopher. Stalk Christopher. Honey jar!

Pennsatucky: Kitchen tsar.

Red: Screw with Red, and get a scar.

Poussey: Honey jar.

Gloria: At the bar.

Flaca: Caputo playing bass guitar!

Big Boo: Honey jar, screwdriver, you'll find it in Boo's boudoir.

Cast: The cast all sing the word's "Honey jar" while Black Cindy vocalises.

Notes Edit

  • Despite not having any lines in it, Wanda Bell still appears, shaking the "Honey Jar", this is odd as the video was released after the character of Bell had quit.

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