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Hermann is the main officer of the unit storming Litchfield after the riot. He is portrayed by Jason Altman and is one of the tertiary antagonists of Season 6.

Biography Edit

Season Five Edit

Herrmann is shown to be leading the storm as it begins. He makes his way to the chapel where he hits Gerrman. He claims that his actions were causing minimal violence despite Gerrman crying in pain.

Later, in the laundry, an inexperienced soldier named Natoli points his gun at Alana Dwight. Herrmann chastises him, as even though they are armed with pepper bullets, it is still possible to kill someone at close range. Herrmann advises Natoli that if he wants to hurt the inmates, to taser or mace them.

Later, when the unit is approaching the pool, Natoli fatally shoots Piscatella as Piscatella emerges through a doorway. The young soldier is horrified by what he's accidentally done, but Herrmann shows him no pity, calling him a "motherfucker".

Season Six Edit

It is revealed that Herrmann and the rest of the CERT team took Piscatella's body and shot him in the face with a real gun to make it seem like an inmate had shot Piscatella. ("Who Knows Better Than I")

Relationships Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Gerrman (abused) - After Gerrman begs not to be hurt, Herrman does so and beats her with his baton. Gerrman cries in pain, when asked about this, Herrmann smirks and says his actions were minimal.
  • Joe Caputo (enemy) - Caputo attempts to find information about Piscatella's death from Herrmann, who is instead confused by Caputo's questioning and leaves. After Taystee's trial, Caputo tells Herrmann he knows what happened. A defensive Herrmann punches Caputo and leaves.
  • Cindy Hayes (one sided enemy) - Cindy saw Herrmann cover up the death of piscatella and attempting to make it look like the inmates killed him.
  • Suzanne Warren (one sided enemy) with Cindy; she does not like death and he shot Piscatella right in the face causing her to scream.