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Hassan Abdullah is the husband to Litchfield inmate Alison Abdullah, introduced through a flashback in "Litchfield's Got Talent." He is portrayed by W. Tre Davis.


Hassan is shown to be very open with his wives and caring to his daughter. He is a fair man and treats both Sahar and Alison equally.

Physical Appearance[]

Hassan has black hair and black stubble. He dresses smartly.


Before Abdullah's incarceration[]

Hassan and Alison sit alone in a diner, discussing bringing in a second wife into their marriage, to better divide up chores, working jobs and spending time with their daughter Farah, whom they call Noodle. Hassan is against the idea, but promises to consider it for Alison.

At Farah's tenth birthday party, Hassan is seen bowling with his daughter, whilst Alison and Hassan's new wife Sahar set up the birthday table. After bowling a gutter ball, Farah declares that she sucks. Both Sahar and Alison tell her she doesn't, and Sahar intervenes by showing Farah how to bowl straight. Alison and Hassan look on proudly and declare that their plan is working.

When Alison is upset that Sahar allowed Farah's ears to be pierced without consulting her, Hassan steps in and tells Alison that he gave permission. Hassan explains how Farah is also Sahar's daughter, but Alison explains how Sahar never actually gave birth to Farah; she did.

Sahar, Farah and Hassan posing for a photo in the diner

In a later flashback, Alison arrives at a diner and admires her own newly-pierced ears before heading to the door. However, as she looks through the glass, she sees Farah, Hassan and Sahar are having their photo taken and looking like a perfect picturesque family. Disheartened, she walks away from the diner alone. ("Litchfield's Got Talent")

Memorable Quotes[]

"She's strong and beautiful, and smart, just like her mother. My pretty princess wife."
— Hassan describing Farah Abdullah



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