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CO Greg Hellman is a Corrections Officer at Litchfield Penitentiary Maximum Security. He is portrayed by Greg Vostos.

Personality Edit

Hellman has sociopathic tendencies and frequently abuses his power, injuring inmates and smuggling drugs into the prison. He does not appear to have a genuine liking or relationship with anyone.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Hellman is tall and balding, with an imposing demeanour.


Before Litchfield Edit

Not much is knows of Hellman's life before Litchfield.

Season Six Edit

Hellman is first shown calling Taystee in her bunk, when she says she does not want any trouble, she provokes her to speak louder and then hits her in the gut claiming she was acting aggressively and was yelling.

Hellman beats Daya as retribution for the deaths of COs Humphry and Piscatella, breaking one of her ribs and causing her to develop a dependency on oxycontin.

When Mendoza attacks Ruiz on the exercise track, he handcuffs both of them to a wall and sprays them with cold water to "cool them off". He forces them to kiss each other for his own personal enjoyment, and does not allow them to leave until he is satisfied.

Hellman participates in the game of fantasy inmate that goes on amongst the guards throughout the season.

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Enemies Edit

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