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Four of the Golden Girls; from left to right: Frieda, Irma, Taslitz, and Jimmy.

The Golden Girls was the name given to the older inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary. Like all cliques, they hung out together and have their own table in the cafeteria.

After Red's "family" turns their back on her in Season Two, she reluctantly joins the Golden Girls (see Red's Family for more information). It is said by Frieda that nobody ever pays attention to them due to their age. She then enlists their help in restoring the greenhouse. Later, when she wants to intimidate Vee, the Golden Girls assist her.

The Golden Girls are essentially disbanded after Season Three, as Jimmy was given compassionate release, Taslitz was sent to Max and Irma did not appear in Season Four. However, Red and Frieda remained firm friends until Season Six, when Frieda sold Red out to the Feds in exchange for a transfer to B-Block. Even though Frieda did that to essentially save herself being murdered by Barb and Carol, Red became singularly focused on revenge on Frieda from that moment onwards, even going so far as to plot Frieda's murder with Carol.


  • Red - Red reluctantly joins the Golden Girls after her own family disown her.
  • Frieda - An outspoken Golden Girl. She stands up to the Latina inmates after they underestimate the Golden Girls.
  • Irma - A quiet, peaceful black inmate. Frieda's friend. She did not appear from Season Four onwards.
  • Jimmy - A former Golden Girl with severe dementia, Jimmy was given compassionate release after her wandering became dangerous to herself. The Golden Girls know that the "compassionate release" is in reality the prison system removing their responsibility and accountability after Jimmy breaks her arm when she was supposed to be under surveillance, and know that Jimmy will be carelessly dropped off at the bus station and likely not last long on the outside.
  • Taslitz - Taslitz was a Golden Girl until she was sent to maximum security for shanking an inmate whom she thought was Vee.
  • Chang - Chang is elected to represent both the Golden Girls and the "Others" in the WAC during Season One. However, she is hardly ever seen socializing with the Golden Girls after this.