Four of the Golden Girls; from left to right: Frieda, Irma, Taslitz, and Jimmy.

The Golden Girls is the name given to the older inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary. Like all cliques, they hang out together and have their own table in the cafeteria.

After Red's "family" turns their back on her, she reluctantly joins the Golden Girls (see Red's Family for more information). It is said by Frieda that nobody ever pays attention to them due to their age. She then enlists their help in restoring the greenhouse. Later, when she wants to intimidate Vee, the Golden Girls assist her.

Members Edit

Current Golden Girls Edit

  • Red - Red reluctantly joins the Golden Girls after her own family disowns her.
  • Frieda - An outspoken Golden Girl originally sent to prison for cutting off her husband's penis. She stands up to the Latina inmates after they underestimate the Golden Girls.
  • Irma - A quiet, peaceful black inmate. Frieda's friend. She did not appear in Season Four.

Former Golden Girls Edit

  • Jimmy - A former Golden Girl with severe dementia, Jimmy was given compassionate release after her wandering became dangerous to herself.
  • Taslitz - Taslitz was a Golden Girl until she was sent to maximum security for shanking an inmate whom she thought was Vee.