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"God Bless America" is the eleventh episode of the seventh season of Orange Is the New Black. It is the eighty-ninth episode of the series overall. It premiered on July 26, 2019.


Maria tries to make peace with Gloria. Karla and Blanca plead their cases. Figueroa stands up to Litvack. Piper attends a posh fundraiser with Zelda.



Piper asks her parole officer if she can go with Zelda to the gala and she gives her permission, citing her excellent record. When Piper is leaving she runs into Sophia who is on parole with the same officer. Her officer suggests that Piper get her hair done by Sophia since she says her hair looks bad.

Piper goes to see Sophia and tells her that she is married to Alex. Sophia tells Piper that she personally doesn't ever want to think about prison or anything having to do with it again so she doesn't know why Piper would want to be "prison married" to someone.

Piper attends the gala with Zelda. Afterwards, Zelda tells Piper that she wishes they could have more together but Piper says they can't. When Piper arrives home McCullough shows up at her door and tells her that she and Alex have been having an affair. Piper runs to Zelda's and kisses her.

Nicky meets with Vinny who tells her that Sterling died and that Lorna is supposed to be transferred to Florida to make things a little easier for her. Nicky has other ideas, namely keeping her with Nicky, so she can care for her.

Linda has had a small courtroom built right into the detention center allowing them to speed up the process of hearings. Karla and Blanca get notice that their hearings have been moved up but neither has had time to get their evidence together.

Karla testifies that she cannot go back to Honduras because of the gangs - her sons will be forced to join them. The judge does not buy this as her sons are already in a pre-adoptive home. Karla is ordered to be deported to Honduras. After she sits back down with Blanca, she gives Blanca advice on what to say and Blanca is able to get a continuance to stay.

Karla has not been able to call her sons as the foster home will not accept calls from the detention center. She begs Gloria to allow her to call her sons on her phone before she is deported so they will know she didn't abandon them. Gloria refuses at first as she is weeks from her release date but she finally relents. Karla tearfully speaks to her sons telling them that she will be away for a while but she will never stop looking for them

CO Bell watches over the kitchen crew as they clean up for the night. Just as they finish, Gloria's phone which is hidden in a pot, goes off and vibrates. CO Bell picks it up and answers it. It is apparently one of Karla's sons but he hangs up when CO Bell answers. Gloria, Maria and Flaca are taken back to max for questioning about the phone.

At the end of the episode Karla is seen being deported.

Shani is also deported and since Nicky isn't working in the kitchen since she's busy with Lorna she is only able to get the news to her with a note.

One of the detainees, Chaj, who cannot speak to anyone because she is the only one there who speaks her language, seemingly wants to volunteer for kitchen duty. She makes a large pot of what appears to be parsley soup. Later she is seen with the pot having stomach distress. Fig asks to speak with her and finally gets a proper translator for her. Everyone has been trying to assure her that her baby is fine but Fig learns that she doesn't want the baby and has been trying to induce a miscarriage. Fig tells Litvack that she needs to go to a Women's health center and he refuses.

Fig goes to the hearings and is horrified to see child detainees. She finds out that despite the fact that Linda told her they were only having hearings for adults they are also having hearings for children as well.

Fig goes to her OBGYN and tells her that she is 9 weeks pregnant but no longer wants to have a child due to being upset over everything she sees at work. Her doctor tells her is odd that she suddenly wants an abortion but writes her a prescription. Fig is later seen handing a pill to Chaj.

Taystee continues tutoring Tiffany and a few others. They have some discussion about how important budgeting will be in the real world when they get out and Taystee gets an idea that returning inmates could use microloans. She calls Caputo with her idea.


Karla Córdova[]

Shortly after her husband's death, Karla is called into her sons' school because her younger son has been crying. Her son is afraid that she will die too. She explains to her sons that she will not die and leave them alone, at least not until they are much older "like 70" and she is 100.

Shani Abboud[]

Shani arrives home from a night out with friends to her family sat waiting for her. Shani's dad reveals that a family friend saw Shani kissing another woman. She initially denies it, but is stopped when her dad opens her laptop screen showing Shani's Instagram feed with the woman. Shani's dad remarks that she has brought disappointment and embarrassment onto the family name, and that he is unable to kill her, but that he is unable to stop anyone else.

Santos Chaj[]

In a crowded back of a lorry, a doubtful Chaj hopes to cross the border into America with her husband. Chaj's husband feeds her in the hopes to recuperate her strength. The truck comes to a halt. Assuming it to be police, the truck goes silent. The door opens, revealing harsh sunlight. The man transporting Chaj and the others commands them all to get out of the truck and pay the fee for transit. Chaj's husband explains they have no money and no family in America, so cannot make payments. The man in charge makes a sexual suggestion towards Chaj, explaining that there are two types of payment he can take.

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