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Gavin is Jason Figueroa's lover and an employee of his campaign for state congress. He is portrayed by Trey Gerrald.

Personality Edit

Though once appearing trustworthy and helpful, it can be assumed that Gavin is treacherous as he willingly has an affair with the already married Jason Figueroa under his wife's nose.

Physical Appearance Edit

Gavin has short black hair gelled upwards and requires rectangular glasses. He wore a badge on his lapel showing his support to Jason Figueroa, his lover.

Biography Edit

Season Two Edit

Gavin is introduced as an employee of Jason Figueroa's campaign for the New York state congress ("Comic Sans").

Gavin approaches Fig mid-story and tells her she has a phone call, a grateful Fig thanks Gavin for taking her away from the conversation. Gavin tells Fig that Joe Caputo has called 6 times. Later, she walks in on Gavin kissing her husband, Jason, revealing to her that Jason is gay ("It Was the Change").


  • Jason Figueroa (boyfriend, affair) - At some point, Jason and Gavin started a secret relationship under Fig's nose. Fig is upset when she discovers this and walks away, but most likely says nothing to the two of them as Fig reveals she is still married to Jason in season five to Zirconia and Michelle Carreras.

Appearances Edit