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Francine "Franny" Morello is the sister of Lorna Morello and Michael "Mikey" Morello and the daughter of Giuseppe and Stansie Morello. She has a son, Tommy. She is portrayed by Kristen Sieh.


Franny Morello is very jokey and fun-loving if not slightly dim. She does not seem to be insensitive when talking about her sex life around her son or sister. Morello sees Franny as very flirty.

Physical Appearance[]

Franny has long brown hair and green eyes. She has a high forehead and thin lips and often wears substantial makeup. Her ears are pierced.


Before Lorna's incarceration[]

Franny is Lorna's elder sister. Lorna and Franny's mother, Stansie became dependant on the two to care after her and change her bed sheets after having some sort of illness. Franny has a newborn baby which is almost neglected by Franny as she has to do most of the wor

Franny helps Lorna get ready for her date with Christopher MacLaren. Lorna claims that Christopher is "the one", but Franny denies this when Lorna doesn't want Christopher meeting her family. Franny says that there's no way she can know that until he meets the Morello's

At Lorna's court appearance, Franny can be seen in the back holding Tommy. ("A Whole Other Hole")

Season Four[]

When visiting her Lorna in prison, Lorna tells Franny she thinks Vince is cheating on her. She asks Franny to investigate for her. Franny tries to reason with Lorna and says it won't do any good and says that her behaviour is what got her in to Litchfield in the first place.Lorna begins manipulating Franny and says that she would do it for her. Franny cracks under the pressure and agrees to meet Vince and see if he is cheating. ("Friends in Low Places")

When Franny returns, she visits Lorna and does not stop talking about her meetup with Vince. Lorna asks if Vince spoke about her, to which Franny claims he did and says he misses her. Lorna says that Vince should come see her and stop missing visitation. Franny begins to defend Vince, saying he works and how far the drive is. Franny mentions how Vince seemed lonely. Franny says how funny Vince is, Lorna gets visibly jealous and asks what Franny wore at the meetup. Franny says she wore "a top and a skirt." This angers Lorna to tears as she assumes Vinny has cheated with Franny. ("Turn Table Turn")



  • Jack (husband) - Franny frequently mentions Jack at her visits with Lorna. Franny describes the two's sex life as "two ships".


  • Vince Muccio (friend) - Lorna begs Franny to check on Vince to see if he is cheating on her. While out, the two have a great time. Franny invites Vince to their tailgate to improve his and Jack's friendship.