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Francine Dennis is a Corrections Officer working in Maximum Security, as seen in Season Four. She is portrayed by Stephanie J. Block.

Personality Edit

Dennis appears to be a very straight-laced, demanding CO.

Physical Appearance Edit

Dennis is a white woman possibly in her late thirties to early forties. She has black hair and wears make-up.

Biography Edit

Season Four Edit

Francine appears first in "Power Suit" as one of the guards sent down from Max to fill in after the recent guard walk-out. After count, she tells the inmates in B-Dorm that there is a meeting in the chapel held by Desi Piscatella and they all leave.

Francine next appears in "Piece of Shit" guarding the AA group in Max. As Nicky leaves the gathering, she is rewarded with a plastic token by the leader for three years' sobriety. Nicky thankfully accepts it after delivering a small monologue; when she leaves, Francine declares the token 'contraband' and demands it to be placed in her hand. Nicky is crestfallen by this and hands it over.

Francine appears again in "Bunny, Skull, Bunny, Skull" taking Sister Jane Ingalls to the shower after she placed herself in SHU to find out if Sophia is okay. Previously, Sister Ingalls had placed a mobile phone inside her vagina to take a picture of Sophia as proof of her unfair incarceration in the SHU, and as she steps over the bar into the shower she sneezes, causing the phone to slip out and clatter on the ground. Francine notices this and looks disbelievingly at her.

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