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Finn Harper is the son of Polly Harper and Pete Harper. He is born in "Moscow Mule".

Biography Edit

Season One Edit

Finn is born around the same time as Pepa. ("Moscow Mule")

Finn is then brought to Larry and Cal's Thanksgiving where Pete drops food on his newborn's head. ("Fucksgiving")

Season Two Edit

In Looks Blue, Tastes Red, Larry comes round to visit Polly and Finn where Pete has gone to the Antartic to "find himself." Larry shows paternal instincts toward Finn.

In "A Whole Other Hole", Finn is 10 weeks old. Larry Bloom (ex-fiance of Piper Chapman) is mistaken as his father when on an outing with Polly. They tell an elaborate story to an old couple sitting next to them when the woman remarks that they are 'an attractive family'. Larry introduces Finn as Hampus- or 'little Hampy' and Polly remarks that it's not too late to change the name on the birth certificate.

Appearances Edit