Felonious Spunk is the business that Piper Chapman starts in Season Three.

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Felonius Spunk provides used panties to purchasers across the world who have a fetish for inmate-worn panties. The panties are sourced by Piper from the Whispers factory, using scrap material that won't be missed, and distributed to the inmates.

The inmates wear the panties for however long is required; the panties are then given to Alex Vause who hands them to Piper. Piper packages them up into air-tight bags and hands them to CO Baxter Bayley who is the outsourcing of the business. He in turn passes them to Piper's brother Cal Chapman, who maintains the website and distributes the goods around the world with the help of his wife Neri.

The inmates were initially paid in ramen flavor packets which helped them flavor the bland prison meals introduced by MCC. Once Piper starts paying her inmates in actual cash, using a contraband cellphone to make cash deposits in their commissary accounts, Alex bows out of the business, saying it has turned into proper "organized crime" and she doesn't want any more to do with it.

In Season Four, Maria Ruiz steals the idea and makes her own panty business for the Latina inmates, leading to a war between Piper and Maria and their respective families. The enterprise is ended when the thievery from Whispers is discovered and all current Whispers employees are fired and replaced. Piper gives up organised crime and Maria goes "legit", starting a prison business dealing heroin.

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