Felix Rikerson is among the many new Corrections Officers at Litchfield Penitentiary hired by Caputo due to a staff shortage in Season Three. He is portrayed by Jimmy Gary Jr.

Personality Edit

Rikerson has not been seen much of, but he does seem to be sympathetic when Sophia Burset is taken to the SHU. However, he does not object to breaking the rules when he sees it as necessary, as seen in "People Persons".

Physical Appearance Edit

Rikerson is a tall, heavyset black male who appears to be in his thirties.

Biography Edit

Before Litchfield Edit

Nothing is known about Rikerson's life prior to entering Litchfield despite the fact he requires insulin.

Season Three Edit

Rikerson is first seen in "Tongue-Tied" attending the welcome lecture by MCC in which they are discussing inappropriate relations between staff.

He is later present at the practical demonstration of inmate subjugation and is used as an example by Caputo. Upon being taken down, Rikerson is shocked and loudly proclaims how much it hurt, before running back to his spot to get his inhaler, which causes the experienced COs to look at each other in frustration and disbelief.

In "We Can Be Heroes", Rikerson is the CO who signs out Angie Rice, failing to recognize that she is not Sara Rice, the inmate who is supposed to be released.

In "Don't Make Me Come Back There", Rikerson is one of the COs who reluctantly takes Sophia Burset to the SHU, along with COs Donaldson and Ford.

In "Trust No Bitch", Rikerson is the CO who insists that one of the grounds crew needs to stay behind and sweep the greenhouse, which leads to Alex getting attacked by Aydin Bayat, who has managed to be hired as a CO.

Season Four Edit

In "Work That Body For Me", Rikerson is among the rookie COs deployed in riot gear to get the inmates down at the lake back into the prison. He complains that he can't breathe in his riot gear without the visor fogging up and eventually takes his helmet off.

In "People Persons", Rikerson is one of the COs that remains on the prison grounds for lock down after the body of Aydin Bayat is found. He does not object to Piscatella and the veteran COs' flaunting of the rules that Caputo left them with and their subsequent treatment of the inmates.

Season Five Edit

CO Rikerson is not among the hostage guars. He is seen only once during season 5, outside of the prison, in the episode Fuck, Marry, Frieda