Fantasy Inmate is a game played by (most of) the guards at Litchfield Maximum Security Prison. It is first mentioned
in "Who Knows Better Than I" when CO Copeland and CO Alvarez are talking about Frieda's suicide attempt. Later, in the CO lounge, CO Hellman tells COs Luschek, McCullough and Blake about the game, to Luschek's excitement. 

The game is played by picking inmates and gaining points for things they do/have done to them. For example fights, sex, etc. The game costs $100 to play and the CO with the most points wins.

The game is discovered by Gloria when she find papers for it in Luschek's desk. She attempts to inform the rest of the prision via Flaca's radio show but the mic isn't turned on yet. Alvarez returns and takes her to SHU for locking him out of the room (and potentially for attempting to expose the game).

Players and known assigned inmatesEdit

Alvarez - former commissionerEdit

"Ginger" CopelandEdit



Luschek - current commissionerEdit


  • Maria Ruiz


  • Carol Denning
  • Barbara Denning



  • All point earning events must be witnessed by a third party CO in order to count.
  • All mid-season trades must be approved by the commissioner.
  • Zero tolerance for interference (influencing, coercing, manipulating inmate behaviour in order to gain points.)



  • Scissoring - 11 points ("because it's not a thing") 
  • Oral sex (giving or receiving) - 5 points
  • Digital sex (giving or receiving) - 5 points


  • Bulimics - 1 point per vomit
  • Suicide - 20 points
  • Failed suicide attempt - 10 points
  • Night crying - 2 points


  • Gang altercations - 10 points per inmate
  • Murder - 30 points
  • Murdered - 25 points
  • Escaped inmate - 40 points
  • Recaptured - 5 points
  • Pregnancy - 9 points (twins is a multipler)
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