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Emiliano Diaz is the only son of Aleida Diaz and the brother of Daya, Christina, Eva and Lucy. He is portrayed by Nicolas Daniel Gonzalez.


Before Aleida and Daya's incarceration[]

Emiliano can be seen playing with toys with Christina Diaz when Daya is 14. ("Turn Table Turn")

Emiliano lived with all of his siblings, Aleida and Daya under one roof where they witnessed Aleida and her friends packing heroin. ("The Chickening")

Season Three[]

Emiliano and his siblings arrive at the prison to visit Aleida and Daya in prison, Emiliano is mocked by Cesar awkwardly. ("Mother's Day")

After Aleida and Daya were incarcerated, Emiliano and his other siblings lived with Cesar and Margarita.

In "Bed Bugs and Beyond", Emiliano refuses to eat the reheated fries that Margarita has given him. Cesar warns him that there will be behavioural consequences, but Emiliano still declines. Cesar then pulls a gun on him, terrifying him and appalling Bennett, who is visiting. He quickly begins to eat.