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Elique Maxwell is a former CO at Litchfield Penitentiary prior to the guard walk-out at the end of Season Three. She is portrayed by Lolita Foster.


Elique has quite a monotone personality. She is quite strong, and is known to be an avid smoker. It is also known that she doesn't have much leadership skill, as mentioned by O'Neill. This is however unconfirmed as shes often seen commanding the inmates with little to no problems alongisde her coworkers, Maxwell doesn't use fear or threats but does give shots when she needs to

She is also seen to care about the inmates lives. As in Season 2, episode 1, when she wishes “good luck with it, Chapman” to Piper (on her trial).

In episode Season 2, episode 7 she deescalates the fight in the shower between Vee and the hispanic women, showing she despite being monotone have a real interest in not having big fights or anyfights in the prison. She also show personality giving Boo a strike during the quota, as Boo struck a trashcan, but decided not to double it despite being able to once Boo used foul language.

In season 3 episode 2 Maxwell was threatening to send Alex to the SHU but didn't once Piper begged her not to, being one of the few guards who to some level treats the inmates better than the other guards overall.

Physical Appearance[]

Elique is a young, black woman with shoulder length black hair. She wears her white CO uniform with a black tie covering a white shirt and a blue jacket. She doesn't pay much attention to cosmetics.

Elique often stands at the desk (before Felix Rikerson took the job).


Before Litchfield[]

Nothing is known about Maxwell's life before she started to work at Litchfield.

Season One[]

When Piper and Larry arrive at Litchfield, Maxwell goes over Piper’s paperwork with someone over the phone. She tells the person her crime, and name. They seem to have a hard time hearing her, as she uses chapped lips to get across her last name, Chapman, and the word sniper to get across her first name, Piper. Two hours later, she gets annoyed at Piper and Larry for having a phone in the facility and makes Larry take it outside. Soon after, CO Wanda Bell also asks her to get a phone number for Larry so he can send Piper’s check to get processed. ("I Wasn't Ready")​​​.

Elique is a constant smoker. In several episodes, she is seen smoking either a regular cigarette or an electronic cigarette. Piper accidentally catches Elique smoking on prison grounds while she's snooping around; to which Piper says, "Well...I won't tell if you don't".

Maxwell and O'Neill save Fischer from an angry Miss Claudette who is attacking her. ("Fool Me Once").

Season Three[]

Maxwell walks out on Joe Caputo along with the other guards (excluding Joel Luschek), claiming it is unfair to work in such awful conditions that MCC is introducing. ("Trust No Bitch")


Season One[]

"I Wasn't Ready"[]