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Edward "Teddy" Spencer is a slightly older gentleman. He is seen in "We'll Always Have Baltimore", in one of Maritza Ramos' flashbacks.


Edward seems to be attracted to younger women despite his advanced age. He is flirtatious.

Physical Appearance[]

Edward as a high forehead and thin grey hair.


Before Maritza's incarceration[]

After Maritza is taken into a scam group, whose objective is to steal an expensive sports car, she is asked to find a rich old man and use him to steal the car. Maritza chooses Edward Spencer, a rich, old, white man, and asks him about the car pretending to work at the dealership.

Maritza promises to give Edward a test drive in the car, and takes his ID, she takes it over to the test-drive desk, where a man at a desk gives Maritza the keys. Maritza takes Edward to the car, but the man from the desk gets in as well.

After driving a while, Maritza decides to make her move; after the two men get chatting and start poking holes in Maritza's plan, she pretends to be sick and makes Edward pull over. As the man and Edward come over to check on Maritza, she runs into the car and speeds off. ("We'll Always Have Baltimore")  

It is unknown what hapened to Edward after this.  



  • Maritza Ramos (flirt) - In order to obtain his card, Maritza flirts with Teddy slightly, which Edward returns. Maritza claims to be Edward's husband in order to get the car for a test drive.



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