''#DontTouchItsOrange'' is a special portuguese-language release ahead of the fifth season of Orange Is The New Black launched on Netflix Brasil, YouTube. It was released on June 8, 2017. It was led by the media personality Inês Brasil, the singer Valesca Popozuda and the socialite Narcisa Tamborindeguy.

Synopsis Edit

Inês Brasil discovers that Narcisa Tamborindeguy is in the SHU and as they talk, they discover another famous prisoner who joins them.

Plot Edit

While cleaning the corridor of the SHU, Nicky hears Inês Brasil calling for Valesca, who is sleeping. When realizing that it is Inês and the same voice that was there a year ago, Valesca immediately asks where Poussey is and Ines reveals that she has died.

Uncomfortable with the noise of the two, a voice calls for silence. Initially Inês thinks that it is Piper, but soon it is revealed that it is Narcisa Tamborindeguy, to the surprise of Ines and Valesca.

Valesca asks Narcisa as if she has a cell phone, as she says she will take a selfie in her luxuriously decorated cell. Undecided with Valesca, Narcisa asks if she stopped in Season Two.

Narcisa also reveals that she is in the SHU because she asked Caputo to put her there for releasing her spoilers from the fifth season, which was leaked.

Ines says that she asked Netflix to launch 50 seasons, which surprised Nicky in the hall, and Narcisa says that it is not possible and ends up using an Ines phrase, annoying her.

Trivia Edit