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Darius McRae is an inmate whom Piper Chapman meets while she is in the Metropolitan Detention Center, Chicago, to testify against Kubra Balik. He is portrayed by Rogelio Douglas Jr. 


Season Two[]

McRae is first seen two rows in front of Chapman on the plane to Chicago. He begins to flirt with Chapman, referring to her as "First Class". 

At the prison, Chapman sees McRae serving dinner trays and asks for a favor. She wants him to send a note to Alex Vause letting her know that she is there. McRae agrees but he wants something in return. Chapman first offers a kiss, then a handjob, but what McRae really wants are the panties she’s been wearing for the past four days. Chapman agrees.  

Chapman later expresses relief when Joyce tells her he is “only” a hitman and not a rapist. ("Thirsty Bird").

Piper later remembers him while making panties for MCC's Whispers at Litchfield. She tells her fellow inmate-coworkers about him asking for her dirty underwear, and they tell her that there are more like him in the world—it is this realization that convinces Piper to start her panty business. ("Tongue-Tied")

Physical Appearance[]

McRae is an Afro-American man, probably in his 30s, with short black hair and several tattoes, for example, two teardrop tattoes[1] underneath his left eye, a "SCPP 148" tattoo on his throat and two more lettering tattoos on his hands.

Memorable Quotes[]

"They said the fatties would be the ones askin' for an extra tray."
— Darius McRae




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  1. The teardrop tattoo is a symbolic tattoo with various meanings: it can signify that the wearer has killed someone or has spent time in prison; that the wearer was raped while incarcerated or was "owned" by a sugar daddy within the prison community; that the wearer has molested a child; or it can acknowledge the loss of a family or fellow gang member.