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Daniel "Danny" Pearson is the former Director of Human Activities at MCC, due to being the son of MCC's executive Jack Pearson. Joe Caputo claimed him to be the Warden of Litchfield Penitentiary under a different job title.

He is Caputo's boss for much of Season Three, despite his claim they are equal. As of the end of the season he turns against MCC and remains in the opposition as for Season Four.


Season Three[]

Pearson is the son of a high-ranking staff member of MCC. This got him his job with no qualification; a trait which comes across with his unwillingness to make any changes to how MCC runs things.

Danny views his father highly and it isn't until Sophia Burset is thrown into the SHU under the guise of it being for her own protection that Danny stands up against him. This incident results in Pearson quitting, which leaves MCC to promote Caputo to Director of Human Activities, with a large pay raise. However, this upsets the current staff of Litchfield, whose hours have been cut by half and pay slashed, with new, unqualified, untrained guards coming in. The current guards quit, leaving Caputo lost, or as Wanda Bell puts it, "leaving the monkeys in charge of the zoo."

Season Four[]

Danny interrupts Linda's panel at a convention to talk about problems at Litchfield, including the bad food and Sophia being in SHU. He shouts out a website, "DannyTalksTruth". He and Caputo are both arrested by a "Baltimore rent-a-cop."

Later, when Caputo uses Sister Ingalls' cell phone to take a photo of Sophia in SHU, he gives it to Danny who prints it off and brings Crystal Burset to MCC to show his father, getting Sophia released back into general population.


Caputo reads Danny Talks Truth

  • Danny Talks Truth is a real website, although its formatting is different to the screenshot that Caputo is reading in "Bunny, Skull, Bunny, Skull". The article Caputo is reading is written by a freelance journalist called Sam Gerrman, possibly suggesting a connection to the Weeping Woman, Gerrman.
  • Danny graduated from college in 2002.