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Danita was the other hair stylist and inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary alongside Sophia Burset. She was portrayed by an unknown actress.


Danita is one of two hairdressers and stylists in Litchfield but is generally considered to be less talented than her competitor, Sophia Burset. Like the majority of the Black prisoners Danita lives in The Ghetto and remains silent through out the show. In reference to her hairdressing skills Sophia calls her "butcher" and says she would not let Danita near her with a pair of scissors.


Season One[]

She is seen in, "I Wasn’t Ready", making sensual looks towards Piper. When Piper moves into The Ghetto, Danita is seen doing an inmates hair. In “WAC Pack” she is seen looking at Poussey and Taystee fighting over the TV and later is seen fighting when Healy comes in. Later on in the episode, she is seen naked getting into the shower during Nicky and Alex’s conversation. She is mentioned as one of the prison hairdressers, having a rivalry with Sophia Burset. She attempted to do Tricia's cornrows, but the results were so bad that "even Black Cindy couldn't fix them".

Season Two[]

She continues to appear in the background in many scenes, such as in Looks Blue, Tastes Red

Danita continues to be mentioned, and receiving criticism from Sophia Burset .

Season Three[]

When Burset is in the midst of a transphobic war, all the inmates began attending Danita's salon, leaving Sophia's salon empty all day. Taystee goes to Danita for her weave, making Sophia angry that Taystee doesn't want to go near her because of all the drama and claiming "she can see those tracks from down the hallway." ("We Can Be Heroes")

Season Four[]

With Sophia in SHU, Danita's salon probably remained full every day because of the large flow of detainees and the fact that Sophia's salon was used for Maria's Gang.

Season Five[]

Danita is mentioned by Sophia during a conversation with Elsie, indicating that she may still be in Litchfield and participating in the riot. ("Fuck, Marry, Frieda").

With the end of the riot, it is possible that Danita was evacuated from Litchfield by the CERT. ("Storm-y Weather")

Season Six[]

Danita was probably moved to another state, as were all Litchfield inmates after the riot.