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Dale Soules is an american actress and producer. She portrays Frieda Berlin in Orange Is the New Black.

Early Life[]

Soules was born on October 2, 1946 in New Jersey, USA. She is an only child. Of her early life, she says:

"I had a wonderful English/Great Books teacher in my Junior High School who was a frustrated actor. I was a good student who was writing some very dark poetry. I was not a popular kid, in fact I was moved away from on the gym floor. My clothes were behind the times, I did not possess the up-to-date consumer goods and I lived in a house with no running water. That was not a big deal to us. We carried water from a brook that ran by the side of my home. But the kids I went to school with could not imagine how I got clean as their water came out of faucets so they moved away from me.

"I had a dream at that time that at some point I could be known for who I was, what I did and what I had to say rather than what kind of house I lived in or how many dates I had to turn down for the prom. My introduction to the theatre was proof to me that that dream could become a reality."[1]



Personal Life[]

Dale Soules is a proud open lesbian. It has not been easy for her either. She says growing up at a time where being gay was treated as a disease led to suicidal thoughts.

“When I was coming up, the best version of why you were gay was that it was an illness. That’s not a good feeling, I can say. It made me suicidal, the thought that I would be passing on a disease to anyone I felt affection for was something I just couldn’t square. Luckily I met some people in the theater who I saw were not people that needed to be hidden under rocks or cured.”[2]

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