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Crystal Tawney is an inmate in Litchfield Maximum Security Penitentiary. They are portrayed by Dana Berger.

Physical Appearance[]

Crystal is white with brown hair. They have a tattoo on their right lower arm.


Season Six[]

Crystal, along with Vazquez and Maria Ruiz is tasked with cleaning up the mess left after 'Mischief night'. Crystal asks Vazquez about Mischief Night, to which Vazquez tells them a story about some women getting 'Bloody Mary'd' at last year's Mishief Night. When ghosts are mentioned, Maria Ruiz says it isn't ghosts, but people you should be afraid of. Vazquez then tells Ruiz they heared there are people after her. Her and Crystal then throw some insults at Ruiz and leave, but not before Crystal tips over the cleaning cart, leaving Maria to clean the mess by herself. ("Mischief Mischief")

Crystal makes a deal with Cindy Hayes. If Cindy reads a poem Crystal wrote on her radio show, Cindy gets to use the phone Crystal has. Cindy promises to read the poem after her hiatus, and Crystal gives her the phone. ("Chocolate Chip Nookie")

Crystal joins the D-block kickball team. During one training session, they are singing along with Adeola Chinede and Vazquez. Maria Ruiz gets annoyed by this, claiming it messes up her concentration. When Ruiz accidentily damages the ball, Artesian McCullough says the training is over, angering Crystal and the others. ("Double Trouble")

When in the caferia, Crystal and a few others are told by Maria Ruiz they're off the kick ball team. Crystal is angry and demands to know who made that decision. Barbara Denning and her group then walk up, and Dayanara Diaz makes Crystal to leave the table. ("Be Free")

Season Seven[]

Crystal is seen participating in Caputo's Restorative Justice class ("Trapped in an Elevator")

When CO Hellmann calls Crystal 'Ms Tawney', they correct him and state it's 'Mx Tawney', confirming their gender as non-binary ("The Hidey Hole")

When Dayanara Diaz tells her crew that she should get a special treatment from them, Crystal jokingly suggests to help her put in her tampons for her. ("The Thirteenth")

When all of the Restoratice Justice participants receive a informal diploma, Crystal lets Caputo know they aren’t a fan of the cheap design. ("The Big House")



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