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Christopher MacLaren is Lorna Morello's former romantic interest and stalking victim, portrayed by Stephen O'Reilly. He is now married to Angela Kuznick.


Before Lorna's Incarceration[]

Christopher and Morello met in a post office. Christopher found Morello intriguing, so he asked her out. They went on one date, after which he said he wasn't interested in pursuing the relationship further. However, Morello was unwilling to let the relationship go, possibly due to her having some form of mental illness (such as De Clérambault's Syndrome or another kind of psychosis), in that she truly believed that they were actually dating.

Morello began stalking him and making threats on his life. When he began dating his new girlfriend Angela, Morello followed them to Atlantic City where they were vacationing for the weekend. Christopher ended up filing a restraining order against her, but his efforts culminated in Morello trying to kill both of them by putting a homemade explosive under Angela's car.

Season One[]

Morello is seen to still be delusional about Christopher, although from the viewers' perspective they are engaged, as the backstory isn't revealed until season two. She tells the other inmates he is her fiance and they are going to get married once she is released, constantly planning their "upcoming" wedding.

Season Two[]

After a phone call with her sister, Morello learns that Christopher is getting married to another woman. She is driven over the edge. After dropping off Miss Rosa at her chemotherapy appointment, she drives to Christopher's house and breaks into it. She takes a bath wearing Angela's veil and steals a teddy bear before she leaves ("A Whole Other Hole").

Christopher quickly deduces that she was the one who broke into his house and violates his restraining order against her in order to confront her at the prison. He yells at her and calls her crazy for breaking into his house and then announces to everyone in the room that he isn't her fiance, and she's been stalking him relentlessly.

Season Three[]

Throughout the episodes in this season, Morello has been conversing with many different guys to gain money for her commissary. One of those guys, Vince Muccio, seems genuinely attracted to her. Morello tells him that there has been a guy writing gross things to her that she doesn't like. Although the viewers know that's not true, Vince does not, so he asks her his name and tells her that he will go and kill him. Morello gives him Christopher's name, likely to get revenge on him for humiliating her in the previous season.

Later, Vince and his friends forcefully enter Christopher's house and presumably beat him up. ("A Tittin' and a Hairin'").