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Christina Diaz is the second-oldest daughter of Aleida Diaz and sister of Daya, Eva, Lucy and Emiliano. She is portrayed Brianna Gonzales-Bonacci.


Christina is shown to be very unhappy with her mother, and does not want to live with her anymore while in care. She is unhappy with the way she lives, and jealous Dayanara's daughter, Armaria.


Before Aleida and Daya's incarceration[]

Christina can be seen in the living room playing with toys when Daya is 14. ("Tied to the Tracks")

Christina can be seen at home with her siblings before Aleida leaves Daya in charge of them before once again going out to eat oysters with Cesar. ("The Chickening")

Season Three[]

After Aleida and Daya were incarcerated, Christina and her other siblings lived with Cesar and Margarita. Christina and her siblings arrive at the prison for mother's day to see Daya and Aleida. ("Mother's Day")

Christina can be seen at Cesar's apartment listening to music watching TV. ("Bed Bugs and Beyond")

At the end of season three, several DEA agents arrive at Cesar's apartment and raid the home. As Cesar is dragged away, Cesar begs Christina to look after his daughter. ("Trust No Bitch")  After this, Christina, Lucy, Eva and Emiliano were put into the same care home.

Season Six[]

Aleida visits Christina, Emliano, Eva and Lucy in care. While Lucy is happy to see her mother, both of the older Diaz children complain that they are tired of the care system, and want to leave due to their foster mother being inept. Aleida attempts to make conversation with Christina and the children, Christina tells Aleida she knows Armaria was adopted by the wealthy Delia Mendez Powell. Christina tells Aleida she does not want to return with Aleida. ("State of the Uterus")