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Charles Ford is a former Corrections Officer at Litchfield Penitentiary. He is portrayed by Germar Terrell Gardner.

Personality Edit

He is shown to be a kind CO that will occasionally joke with the Litchfield inmates. He is responsible, as seen when Miss Rosa mentions that he checks on the van and Morello once an hour when they are at the hospital for Miss Rosa's chemo, which not all COs bother to do.

However, he has a callous streak as seen when he coldly tells Morello that Miss Rosa is dying and muses on how rubbish it must be to die in prison, deliberately all in front of Miss Rosa.

Physical Appearance Edit

Ford is a heavyset, African American man who appears to be in his thirties.

Biography Edit

During Hurrican Wanda, Ford constantly teases colleague Wanda Bell over her name being the same as the hurricane's, causing her to get angry with him. Ford is also one of the COs asked to watch over Rosa Cisneros during her chemotherapy, he was one of the guards who followed his instructions and checked on Lorna Morello. ("Appropriately Sized Pots")

Due to increasingly limited budgets, Charles eventually has to get a second job working as a security guard for a local high school as well. Following the events of season 3, he along with the rest of the guards quit and is not seen again. ("Trust No Bitch")