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Chaplain Royce is the Litchfield Chaplain. She is portrayed by Joanna Adler.  


Before Litchfield[]

Nothing is known about the Chaplain's life before working at Litchfield.

Season One[]

Her first appearance is in the chapel arguing with Pennsatucky, who is upset about how the jewish inmates never put the markers back in the box and that the chaplain won't let her hang a giant cross on the wall. Chaplain Royce repeatedly tells Pennsatucky that everyone has to share the art cabinet and that nothing can go on the walls that can't be taken down before the next service. On her way out of the chapel, Pennsatucky accuses her of favoritism with everyone else, particularly the Wiccans, and Sister Ingalls and the Catholics, which she denies.  

In "Can't Fix Crazy", she appears in the chapel again with Sister Ingalls and Sophia to watch the inmates audition for the Christmas Play.  

Season Three[]

Whilst the Norma-worshippers are using the Chapel to meet in "Where My Dreidel At", Chaplain Royce comes in and orders them to leave as the Catholics need extra time to learn a new hymn. When the group object, she tells them that they can't claim their use of the chapel by quoting the rights of "religious freedom", as they are not a religion. She appears incredulous that they are worshipping Norma, and, even after an impassioned speech by Leanne, still says that they are not a religion but a meditation group.

She later performs the marriage ceremony between Lorna Morello and Vince Muccio in "Trust No Bitch".