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Cal Chapman is Piper and Danny Chapman's younger brother, and the son of Carol and Bill Chapman. He is portrayed by Michael Chernus.


An underachiever and a slacker, Cal Chapman is the immature brother of Piper and Danny Chapman. He is very sarcastic and indifferent to anything other than his personal life, which is why he moved out of civilisation. He is very nonchalant while proposing to Neri through text while mid-conversation with Larry.

Physical Appearance[]

Cal is a larger man with long blonde hair and a small beard and moustache. In Season 6, he has a haircut, and his hair becomes shorter.


Before Piper's incarceration[]

Cal is shown to be Piper's experimental and curious brother. During an intense conversation between Piper and her grandmother, Cal instead decides to launch their cat off the roof using rockets. ("Thirsty Bird")

Many years later, after Piper is arrested and explaining to her family her crimes, Cal supports her through all of it, and is impressed by his grandmother's lesbian experiments as a child.

Season One[]

Cal and Piper's parents long favored the high-achieving, older brother Danny while letting Cal become a sarcastic, underachieving slacker. Since Piper's incarceration, their parents have begun expecting more of him, much to his dismay.

He is friends with Larry, who, during season one and two, often visits him at his trailer in the middle of nowhere, which he eventually shares with his hippie girlfriend (and later fiancée and wife) Neri.

Season Two[]

He and Neri marry at his grandmother Celeste's funeral for all of his family to see, including Piper (who is on furlough) ("40 OZ of Furlough").

Season Three[]

In season three he and Neri assist Piper in her panty business by selling them online. Cal is the one who sets up the website and sends them elsewhere. He also scolds his wife for making her own formulations. Cal is the one to tell Piper she is an overnight success.

Season Four[]

In season four he tells Piper that Neri and he are expecting a baby. He also tells her about their new business shipping vintage clothing to Korea.

Season Six[]

When Piper finds out she is being released early, she contacts Cal to collect her. The next day, Piper is set free from prison and hugs Cal. Cal takes her away "before they take her back in". In the car, Cal asks Piper what she's going to do next, and the episode ends. ("Be Free")

Memorable Quotes[]

"I'm gonna go ahead and assume that one of the issues here is your need to say that a person is exactly anything."
— Cal Chapman to Larry Bloom ("Fool Me Once")
"So, what are you gonna do now?"
— Cal Chapman to Piper Chapman ("Be Free")


Season 1[]

"I Wasn't Ready"[]

Season 2[]

"Thirsty Bird"[]


  • When he was still young, once he was trying to launch his cat Whiskers up into outer space and ended up setting his room on fire, as seen in "Thirsty Bird".
  • Despite Cal being Piper's younger brother, his actor, Michael Chernus, is almost seven years older than Piper's actor, Taylor Schilling.