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Bill Chapman is the father of Piper and Cal Chapman and is the patriarch of the Chapman family. He is married to Carol Chapman.

Biography Edit

At one point, he cheated on his wife, as observed accidentally by Piper when she was still young, as shown in "Thirsty Bird". His son Cal confirms this, stating to Larry that Bill "fucked two different women called Linda".

During Piper's incarceration at Litchfield, he has only visited her once in for her birthday, as he says he does not want to see his daughter in that state.

His mother Celeste dies in "40 OZ of Furlough". A memorial dinner is hold at Bill and Carol's house and his daughter who was granted furlough is attending it as well. At the funeral Piper is holding a speech and Cal and his girlfriend announce their wedding.

Personality Edit

He generally is very mild-mannered and quiet, but presumably homophobic.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Bill Chapman is a man in his mid 60's with white hair and a beard. He is slightly large in stature, and is often seen wearing a suit.


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