Bill Bayley is the father of Baxter Bayley. He is married to Karen Bayley and is portrayed by Simon Feil.

Personality Edit

Bill Bayley is shown to be ignorant to his son's depression. He also seems to use derogative terms.

Physical Appearance Edit

Bill is a slightly older gentleman with brown hair.

Biography Edit

Season Five Edit

Trying to rehabilitate Baxter and give him a new job as a pet beautician, Bill tries to juggle his work and son at the same time. Bill expresses how he does not want to be a dog groomer, and explains how one will go broke if they try to stick to their principles. He compares Bayley's guilt to killing a human to him accidentally causing a shih-tzu a heart attack. ("Pissters!")

After Baxter drinks 8 bottles of hair dye to commit suicide, Bill calmly sits by his side and reveals to him that the dye he drank is non-toxic. He explains how the dye will give him irritable bowel syndrome but besides that nothing else. ("Flaming Hot Cheetos, Literally")

Memorable Quotes Edit

"It does sound like Fancy's very sick. But you need to find a vet to put her down, I don't do that. Yeah...No, I can understand the confusion ma'am. It's dyeing, with an "e.""
— Bill Bayley to a customer

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