Beth Hoefler is an inmate in Litchfield Maximum Security Penitentiary who appeared in Season Six. She was incarcerated for murdering her children. She is portrayed by Finnerty Steeves.

Personality Edit

Hoefler initially comes off as a hardworking and remorseful inmate. She attempts to befriend Piper and shows an interest in her life. Beth often seems to be tired. She allegedly murdered her children, according to CO Hellman. In the events of Season Six, it is revealed that she has murderous compulsions, which may be the reason behind why she killed her children. Despite her filicides, Hoefler has seen to have grown, welcoming any inmate despite their status, being kind but still fights back against people like Badison. 

Physical Appearance Edit

Beth has an upturned nose and a petite body with long brown hair.

Biography Edit

Before Litchfield Edit

It is revealed Beth killed all three of her children, leading to being incarcerated at Litchfield Max.

At Litchfield Edit

In her first week at Litchfield, Beth was stabbed in the rib, most likely for the nature of her crime.

Season Six Edit

Beth arrives as Piper Chapman's AdSeg roommate. Beth tries to make conversation asking Piper if she has any children. Beth reveals she had children, and reveals how tiring it is being a mother. She compares Piper to herself when she first arrived in Max, saying she was weak like her and telling her she had to learn to stand up for herself, even though it resulting in additional time.

Later, Beth sorts Piper's hair out before CO Hellman bangs on the door and tells her to keep her hands off or else she will be sent to solitary. Hellman reveals Beth killed her children, disturbing Piper. Beth returns to doing Piper's hair ("Shitstorm Coming").

Beth and the rest of Badison's crew decide to defecate on the opposing dorm's uniform in revenge ("State of the Uterus").

Beth is supportive of Piper's kickball idea, and later joins the kickball team. Piper
Piper &BethHoefler

Beth and Piper at service

and her go to mass in order to try to recruit more inmates. Hoefler states she loves being in a place where she isn't judged. Later, Piper's kickball list is completely full and Hoefler and Piper celebrate. Hoefler warns that she is not a graceful loser. ("Break the String")

She later offers Gloria Mendoza and Blanca Flores a seat at her table, but is annoyed when Nicole Eckelcamp and Zirconia don't let them sit.

Beth attends the same prayer group as Maria Ruiz, during which she reveals that it was her who attempted to drown Ruiz in the toilet, resulting in her short stay at psych. She apologizes and doesn't seem to understand why this upsets Ruiz.

Memorable Quotes Edit

"I'm gonna die in this place. Either you lie down, it kills you quick because you're weak, or you stand up and defend yourself and it kills you the other way. With time. And more time."
— Beth Hoefler to Piper Chapman ("Shitstorm Coming")
"You lock a dog in a cage all day, then you let it out and it bites you, do you blame the dog?"
— Beth Hoefler to Piper Chapman ("Shitstorm Coming")


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