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Berdie Rogers is a former counselor at Litchfield Penitentiary. She makes her first appearance in Season Three. She has not returned or been heard from after her suspension in Season Three. She is portrayed by Marsha Stephanie Blake. 


Berdie is a caring counselor who looks out for the inmates and tries her best to get them all to open up about their feelings; a task which she is generally successful in, much to Healy's dismay. She is almost universally liked among the inmates.

Physical Appearance[]

Berdie is a kind, petite African-American woman who changes her hairstyle regularly, something that is scorned by the misogynistic Healy.


Before Litchfield[]

Not much is known about Berdie's past. She has a Masters degree in Psychology, and frequently reminds Sam Healy of this, as he disapproves of her appointment as a counselor. Conflict between Rogers and Healy is a constant theme throughout much of Season Three, though clearly Birdie is the better counselor. 

Season Three[]

[...] Rogers makes an attempt to connect more with the inmates by setting up a Drama class, which brings Piper and Alex back together, but is also Berdie's downfall: Suzanne 'Crazy Eyes' Warren begins to write erotica (later called the Time Hump Chronicles) for an assignment set by Rogers, which spreads through the prison like wildfire after it is revealed that Warren used CO Donaldson as inspiration for a character in her erotica ("Rodcocker"). 

Although Suzanne had significantly misinterpreted the original assignment, Time Hump Chronicles prompts an investigation of Rogers, much to Healy's pleasure. While the investigation is ongoing, Rogers is sent on indefinite leave. 

After the privatization of the prison, extreme change of staff and management, as well as unrelated ongoing issues such as murdered guards, inmates, and a prison riot, her suspension has yet to be addressed since her departure.  




Memorable Quotes[]

"This piece of writing is obscene. It's pornographic."
— Berdie Rogers, in response to Suzanne's "Time Hump Chronicles".
"That is a great speech! Now, I would love to hear you give it again in drama class"
— Berdie Rogers, in response to Alex Vause's reasoning of her initial refusal to attend drama class