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"Beginning of the End" is the first episode of the seventh season of Orange Is the New Black. It is the seventy-ninth episode of the series overall. It premiered on July 26, 2019.


Piper struggles to adapt to life after Litchfield. Alex promises to keep her nose clean. Daddy's infidelity angers Daya.



The final season begins with Piper Chapman explaining her life on the outside. Neri Feldman is going over her astrological chart, which she downloaded off the internet. Neri hopes that it will help Piper gain insight on herself. Piper struggles to reintegrate into life with her brother, Cal Chapman and sister-in-law as well as their newborn daughter, Goodall Chapman. As well as juggling the real world, we see her doing a drug test for her parole officer.

She comes home from her day to Cal and Neri trying to get Goodall to poop in the sink, as they are a waste free household and don't want to use disposable diapers. Piper tells them she's brought left overs from work, Piper decides to put the leftovers in the fridge and when Cal asks Piper to make sure she doesn't bring disposable containers home she shows that she has it in a glass jar. Cal and Neri ignore her while trying to think of ways to get Goodall to go. Piper says she is going to bed after getting a drink of water. Cal decides to rewatch videos on YouTube about getting Goodall to go when Piper asks if they can pick up some vegetable oil for the car before Wednesday. Cal seems confused about Wednesday and Piper reminds him that her probation officer has finally given her permission to visit Alex Vause. Cal tells Piper she cannot borrow the car on Wednesday because Goodall has a wellness appointment. Piper argues that they had already said she could take the car, Cal recommends taking an Uber but Neri reminds him that Uber is bad. Piper retorts back that she can't afford an Uber to Litchfield, let alone rent. After bringing up rent, Neri mentions that they could be Airbnb-ing the room Piper is staying in for $62 a night. Cal says he doesn't understand why she can't ask their father for help and in an internal monologue Piper says that he isn't taking her calls. Piper tells Cal she was counting on the car, but is ignored because Goodall finally pooped.

Alex is sitting in her cell when Madison Murphy comes in to bother her. CO Artesian McCullough calls the inmates for rec time, Alex gets up and tells Madison that she has nothing to say to her and tries to move past her. Madison tells Alex her brother is coming to visit and tries to bully Alex into giving her visitation time. She tells Madison that her Piper is coming to visit. Madison makes fun of Piper for a second before Alex tells her to go steal time from one of her lackeys, which is what Madison says she's doing. Alex has an internal monologue about punching Madison in the face, but remembers that she promised Piper she would be good. Madison eggs her on, hoping she'll get a shot and miss out on her visitation time. Then she implies that Alex might get a shot for another infraction. Alex walks past her to join the rec line, and Madison tells her to give up. Both women join the line and when Alex looks back, Madison shoots 'finger guns' at her.

In the yard a new inmate, Tali Grapes, tells Nicky Nichols that she wants drugs. Nicky offers to tell her a story instead and the new Grapes quickly leaves. Grapes goes around the yard, asking others, while Dominga Duarte (aka Daddy) and Dayanara Diaz watch her. Daya accuses Daddy of checking the girl out, but Daddy claims she's just scoping out new customers.

Adeola Chinede approaches the Grapes and offers her hooch, claiming it to be the finest in MAX. Grapes says she wants drugs and Adeola argues that alcohol is a drug. Grapes again says she wants drugs when Annalisa Damiva comes up and tells Grapes that she has drugs and to follow her. Daya and Daddy are still watching as Grapes follows Annalisa. The two talk about making an example of her, to which Daya says to kill her. Daddy tells her that fear is what they're going for and that fear will get everyone back in line.

Tasha Jefferson (aka Taystee) comes out into the yard, some inmates remark they haven't seen her in a while. Irene Cabrera (aka Zirconia) tells Antoinetta Kerson (aka Akers)that Taystee makes her sweat.

Madison comes up to Taystee, acting buddy-buddy, Taystee shakes her head and ignores her before bumping into Grapes. Onlooker Marie Brock hopes it breaks out into a fight, while Raquel Munoz (aka Creech) looks on worried. Grapes tells Taystee she wants drugs and Taystee tells her good luck with that before walking off. Brock seems disappointed.

Suzanne Warren and Tiffany Doggett are also in the yard when Suzanne spots Taystee. Suzanne seems shocked to see Taystee outside. Suzanne tries to get Taystee's attention but Doggett stops her. Suzanne is confused, because she considers Taystee a friend, but Doggett tells her that the woman she knows isn't her anymore. Doggett tells her that now that Taystee is a convicted murder she isn't her friend anymore. Suzanne reminiscences about how happy Taystee used to be, but seems sad that Taystee isn't herself anymore. Doggett tells Suzanne that she feels like she's better since going to prison. Grapes comes up to the two and asks for drugs and Doggett tells her to go away. CO Greg Hellman tells the inmates that rec time is over.

Gloria Mendoza is still in the SHU and is encouraging Galina Reznikov (aka Red) through the wall, to keep moving so they don't lose their minds. Red tells Gloria that she is taking a nap and Gloria tells her she needs to get out of bed so she doesn't get depressed. The two start talking about roast pork from their respective countries. Gloria starts playing “guess the recipe”, but as they start Red gets confused and falls asleep.


Piper and Polly Harper are walking down the street carrying a bucket of lye that they need for their soap business, Popi. The two to talk about how the lye can be used to make soup when Piper says she's hungry. They stop outside a Thai restaurant. Piper comments on how the restaurant looks sketchy, Polly says she thought Piper was starving, in which Piper says she doesn't want to put crap in her body. Polly jokes that Piper did ecstasy the previous Friday, but she won't eat Thai food. Piper points out dead flies in the window and says there were no dead flies in her ecstasy.


The flashback ends with Piper looking out the same window of the Thai restaurant as she wipes dead flies off the counter. She is flagged down by a customer as she walks to throw out the dead flies, before taking to her manager about her schedule, he's on a call and Piper is flagged down once again by the customer who wants his check. Piper drops off the check and comes back to her manager who has finished his call. Piper asks for the following day off, claiming they had talked about it, when her manager says he thought she needed that afternoon off. She tells him that she needs that afternoon and the next day off. The customer is ready to pay and Piper grabs his card and hands it to her manager. Piper tells him that she has to visit her “friend upstate” and that is is really important. Her manager is confused as to why it would take so long to get upstate when Piper explains that after she has an appointment, which is also really important. Her manager agrees to give her the time off if she covers for the dishwasher on Saturday, Piper agrees then asks for an advance on her check. Her manager says no and hands her back the customers card.

Daya enters the showers and hears noises coming from around the corner. She checks it out to find Daddy and Annalisa together. Daya pulls Daddy off Annalisa and accuses her of cheating. Daddy tells Daya it's all business and that they want Annalisa on their side and not selling for herself. Daya tells Daddy she was supposed to scare Annalisa, not have sex with her. Daya walks away angry. Nicky and Lorna Morello Muccio are in the yard looking at pictures of Lorna's son, Sterling, on a contraband phone. Alex walks over and sees that they have a phone, at first she doesn't want anything to do with it then looks at the photo and comments on the babies name. Lorna tells Alex not to be freaked out by the tubes in the photo and that he's going to be fine, even remarking that all the boys in her family come early. Alex asks them if either of them have an old phone she can buy, and Nicky jokes about Alex keeping her nose clean. She then jokes that she knows what the phone is for and shows Alex McCullough's Tinder profile picture, in which she is topless and showing off her tattoos. Nicky then asks what Alex really wants the phone for.

Alex reveals that she intends to use the phone to frame Madison. Lorna takes a picture of Madison playing UNO with some other inmates and then hands the phone over to Alex. Alex changes the background image on the phone to the one Lorna just took and sneaks it under Madison's pillow. As she goes back to her cell Taystee, who is Madison's roommate, goes into the cell to read. Alex misses Taystee entering the cell and thinking its still empty waits waits until she see's CO J. Alvarez walking up before calling the phone. Taystee jumps from the top bunk, grabs and silences the phone before hiding it in her box of Ritz crackers. She quickly climbs back on to her bunk and acts normal when Alvarez rushes in to investigate. Once he leaves Taystee walks out and tells Madison she needs to talk to her. She tells Madison she just saved her ass by hiding the phone. Madison tells Taystee it isn't her phone. Taystee tells her it was under her pillow and it has to be hers because of the background. Madison tells her it's a setup. Taystee tells her to just get rid of the phone and to keep her trouble away from her, she drops the phone into Madison's front pocket. Madison pulls it back out and tells her once again that it isn't her phone. Taystee gets in her face and tells her she doesn't care and that she needs to get rid of the phone and the shiv she has under her pillow. Madison accuses Taystee of going through her stuff before picking up one of Taystee's letters and reading it. The letter is a denial of appeal for Taystee's case. Taystee then knees Madison in the gut and smashes her face against the desk a couple times before Hellman and Alvarez pull the two apart. Both girls are dragged off to the SHU. Alex comments in an internal monologue that while her plan did not go off as planned and she now owes Lorna a lot of stuff, that it all worked out.

CO Tamika Ward handcuffs and lets Gloria out of her cell in the SHU. Gloria tells Ward that both she and Red have been in the SHU too long. She says Red is starting to lose it and she isn't far behind. Behind them Hellman, Taystee, Madison and CO Danilo Stefanovic come around the corner. Madison claims that Taystee started it and that she didn't deserve to be in the SHU. Stefanovic asks if she should let her go back, but Hellman says they found the phone and because it's Madison she probably started it. Both girls are put into side by side separate cells. Gloria remarks to Ward that she thought she was different because her name wasn't on the fantasy inmate sheet. Ward tells her to stop talking and walk.

CO Joel Luschek is monitoring Marisol Gonzales's (aka Flaca) radio show, which is now co-hosted by Zirconia. Other inmates start coming in for recreational time, including Cindy Hayes (aka Black Cindy).


Cindy and Flaca are going through some mail from the other inmates and come across a lot of hate mail all directed towards Cindy. Flaca tells Cindy that she is becoming a real “Mariah” and that no one can work with her. She tells Cindy the show has to come first and fires her as her co-host. END

Cindy stares at Flaca and Zirconia before being bumped into by Kerson, which pulls her out of her haze. Suzanne approaches Cindy and remarks that prison does make people mean, to which Cindy says sometimes people deserve to be treated bad. Suzanne tells Cindy she did deserve Kerson bumping into her. She goes behind her and starts giving her a back rub. Suzanne tells Cindy she did the right thing and says that Taystee shot CO Desi Piscatella and what else where they supposed to do. Cindy rolls Suzanne off her shoulders and reminds her that Taystee didn't shoot him. Suzanne seems confused and says that the judge and jury both said that she was guilty and that's why she's a “no-smiling murder”. Cindy says Taystee got screwed over by everyone. Luschek starts the class with some questionable moves.

Aleida Diaz and Cesar Velazquez are having sex in the back of an old Ford Fusion when a young kid comes up to the window to see what is going on. Aleida kicks the window and tells the kid to go away. Cesar tells her to chill because they have drugs in the car. They finish up and Aleida says she has to go. She tells him that Cesar needs to get his act together so she can leave Rick Hopper. They trade horror stories about where they're living, but Cesar says she needs Hopper. They kiss before Aleida gets out of the car.


Piper is jogging on a beach with an internal monologue going on about how Larry Bloom's family own a beach house. Larry tackles her from the side, they joke about Larry's name sake before racing back to the beach house to “fool around” in the shower. Piper claims she never appreciated all the things that come with her life of luxury.


Piper is doing another drug test for her parole officer. They then talk about Piper's employment and how she is unable to pick up a dinner shift which would put her past curfew. But also how Piper got offered a job at a better restaurant, but they serve alcohol. Her parole offers than asks Piper if she has a check for her, Piper says she didn't expect that she would have to pay her own processing and testing fees and asks if she can pay double the following week as she doesn't have her latest paycheck. She explains that the money she does have she needs to get to Litchfield to visit Alex. Her officer tells her she pays now or she will be in violation of her probation. Piper pulls out her check book, but is told she needs a money order or cashier's check. The officer lets Piper use her computer to pay online, Piper questions the $5.50 transaction fee.

Hellman enters Alex's cell and intimidates her into selling his drugs for him since Madison can't from the SHU. She tries to convince him to use someone else, but he tells her he doesn't trust them, but Carol Denning did and she had a good nose for people. She relents, at least until Madison comes back. Before leaving he tells Alex he expects $1,500 for the whole thing.

Piper is sitting in her father, Bill Chapman's office and starts to reminiscences off old photos of the two of them at the beach, first as a young girl than the two of them sharing a beer. Piper tries reminiscing with Bill, but he tells her he's about to go into a conference and Piper asks if he'll look at her. He sighs and reluctantly looks up at her, she tells him she knows that she has disappointed him and that she knows he isn't a fan of her life choices, but neither is she. Not all, but most. She tells him she's struggling to get back on her feet and admits she needs help. Bill tells her that the best way to help her is to let her be an adult. She then asks if she could borrow $50, he asks for what but Piper doesn't answer. He tells her to get the money from his assistant on his way out and lets her know that he expects to be paid back.

Alex visits Daddy in the library, she gets pat down by Tina Swope before being let back to see her . She tells Daddy that she isn't interested in buying, just selling as she doesn't want to step on anyone's toes. Daddy asks how much she has and Alex tells her about 20 grams, Daddy offers her $1,300 but Alex tells her she really needs $1,500. They agree and Alex hands Daddy her the information for her Green Dot account, she tells Daddy that to put half of the money into her account first before she gives her the drugs. Daddy doubts Alex and asks her how she knows Alex won't take the money and hide. Alex reminds her that there aren't too many places to hide in prison. The two shake on the deal as Daya comes around the corner. She makes sure it's all business with Daddy before giving her some hooch she got from Adoela. The two kiss and Daya gives Annalisa the stink eye before walking off.

Aleida comes home with pizza only to find Hopper, his grandmother and her kids sitting down to a lobster dinner. She asks why Hopper didn't tell her to not pick up the pizza and he says he texted her six times. She puts the pizza down, saying she was doing stuff for them family. Hopper tells Aleida that Christina Diaz got a job, to which she tells her mom she's going to be working at “the Old Navy.” Eva Diaz starts arguing with her sister about the name of the store when Emiliano Diaz jumps in to defend Christina. Hopper jumps in to try and calm the situation when Emiliano announces that Eva is sleeping with Angel Ocasio. He reminds Emiliano that Eva is 13. Eva jumps in asking if it's his business and reminding him that he is not her father. Christina calls Eva a bitch and gets flipped off.

Daya is in her cell, snorting drugs when she hears Swope calling for help outside. Daya walks to her door way and watches Swope explain to Ward that Daddy had drunk some hooch and now she's freaking out. Ward walks into the cell to check on Daddy before coming out and telling everyone to go back to their bunks. She radios in for help, asking for medical and backup. Daya looks on smugly, Annalisa makes eye contact with Daya before they both walk away.

Aledia and Hopper are getting ready for bed. He snuggles up close to her, but she tells him she is still on her period. He comments on how long it's been and she grumpily tells him not to remind him that she's getting old. He tries to persuade her by telling her they can put down a towel, but she tells him she doesn't want to mess up the towels. Hopper tells her they should be celebrating moving into a new place and getting her kids back. He suggests stopping selling drugs in the prison, that they've been lucky but they should quit while they're ahead. Aleida asks him what she should do with the drugs left in the trunk of her car, before getting sweet and asking if they can do it for a little while longer. He agrees and they start getting frisky when Hopper's phone rings. He leans over and notices its work calling him. They're calling him in for an emergency. He tells her he isn't sure when he'll be back and tells her he loves her, to which she doesn't respond. He rushes out the door and Aleida reaches over and pulls a vibrator from her nightstand.

Alarms sound as Hellman rushes into Alex's cell. He forces Creech out and tells Alex they're doing a drug sweep. He grabs the drugs from her and pulls out a condom. Alex tells him that if the dogs sniff her and smell drugs on her she'll have to do 'squat and cough' meaning the drugs would fall out. He tells her she isn't putting it in her “fuck crack”, telling her to open wide. She tells him she won't swallow it because if it bursts in her stomach she'll die. Hellman forces them down her throat and makes her swallow anyway. He walks away and Alex grips her throat as Creech comes back in and refuses to look at her. CO Ryder Blake comes in with a dog, who sniffs Alex but shows no interest. Blake asks Alex if she is okay as she looks kind of pale and she says she's always pale. Blake leaves when he hears Stefanovic call out that they found some drugs. Blake runs into Hopper outside and asks if he is feeling okay because he too is very pale. Blake suggests it could be a stomach bug going around and Hopper agrees it might be a bug.

Hopper pulls Daya from her bunk and drags her into a near by supply closet. He asks when Daddy started using. Daya pretends she doesn't know what he's talking about and he informs her that they found a lot of drugs during the sweep and that it could all lead back to them. Daya tells him to relax and says she'll talk to Daddy. Hopper laughs and tells Daya that Daddy died. Daya doesn't believe him, but he tells her its true. He then tells Daya she'll be dead if any of the drugs fall back on them. He then pushes her out and she walks back to her cell.

Piper is trying to figure out what outfit she should wear to go see Alex. She pulls a couple off the rack in her room and when she goes to put them back the rack falls and wakes up Goodall.

Hellman drops some laxatives off in Alex's cell.

Piper checks to bus times for Litchfield.

Alex is cleaning off the condom full of drugs in the sink in her cell before putting them down the front of her pants.

Piper is on the bus, looking out the window. Her phone rings and it's Cal. She apologizes for waking Goodall and he tells her that her work called him, waking the baby up again. She apologizes and says she'll give them her number when she gets back, but Cal tells her that they let her go. Cal tells her that they'll make an exception on rent for that week, to which Neri rushes in and says 'no', but that she should talk to their dad for help.

Alex goes back to the library and tells Swope and Annalisa that she needs to talk to Daddy. Annalisa tells Alex that Daddy is dead. Alex walks back to her cell to hide the drugs in her pillow case before heading to visitation with Piper.


Alex and Piper are in Lolly Whitehill's homemade time machine. Piper apologizes for being late, Alex says its fine but that they only have 9 minutes now. Piper comments on how Alex is grump and she tells her it's been a hell of a day. Piper says it has been for her too, Alex asks what happened but Piper says she just wants to spend time together.


Alex puts her hand up to the glass in visitation and Piper does the same before picking up the phone. They talk a bit, but it seems awkward for both of them. They both lie to each other about how things are going. Alex asks Piper about work, she says it's fine and then asks Alex how she is doing. To which she replies that there's nothing to tell. She then tries to tell Piper about something Nicky showed her on her phone, Piper freaks out, Alex reminds Piper that it's not her phone. Piper apologizes and asks what was on the phone, Alex tells her it's stupid and that it doesn't matter. Both have internal monologues about being unable to talk to each other and how it feels weird.

We see other, unnamed, inmates all having internal monologues of their own. Alex walks up to Grapes who is sitting at a table by herself, she flashes the drugs to her under the table.

A Vietnamese woman and her two kids are walking towards the bus stop where Piper is. She's asks the young boy what his mother is saying to which he replies “She says it's all different now.”

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Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]

Tracee Chimo as Neri Feldman

Michael Chernus as Cal Chapman

Camryn and Dylan as Goodall Chapman

Amanda Fuller as Madison Murphy

Emily Tarver as Artesian McCullough

Vicci Martinez as Dominga Duarte

Sipiwe Moyo as Adeola Chinede

Christina Toth as Annalisa Damiva

Daniella De Jesus as Irene Cabrera

Phumzile Sitole as Antoinetta Kerson

Besanya Santiago as Raquel Munoz

Nicholas Webber as J. Alvarez

Josh Segarra as Danilo Stefanovic

Hunter Emery as Rick Hopper

Nick Dillenburg as Ryder Blake

Susan Heyward as Tamika Ward

Jo Lampert as Marie Brock

Greg Vrotsos as Greg Hellman




  • Last apperance of Dominga Duarte


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